Going. Going. Gone.


Yesterday, I packed up what was left of my life in California. In between errands and goodbyes, I stole an hour with my friend Jennie {yes, I reposted a guest post I did for her yesterday} and her husband Zac. They like many, asked how my transition has been, what I’m leaving behind and what […]

Chaos And The Peace of God

Hard to believe that just one week ago, my brave friend Trish, Molly, and I hopped into my car and set-off for Nashville. 3 days and 2,100 miles later we arrived a little delirious but no worse for the wear. Monday brought my first day at Food for the Hungry. Meeting a contractor at my […]

7 Clues I Never Fully Adapted To Orange County


While I have embraced the word “dude “{because dude just works}, complained about being “freezing” when the temperature was well above 50 degrees Fahrenheit, and added a ”the” before mentioning an interstate, still I am not sure I ever fully adapted to Orange County lifestyle. Here are seven clues: 1. I never took my dog […]

The Bridge Between Two Lands


As I prepare to embark on another cross-country move, I am struck with how solitary, lonely if I dare say it,  journeys can be. It is strange, and a little ironic, because past, present and future days are overflowing with friends and family. But yet crossing the bridge from the land of sun, surf and […]