On Peace, Direction, and Clarity and What’s Next

From June 9th on my Instagram. Spent the last week at @onsiteworkshops. I am so thankful for the work of @milesadcox and their entire team. Nervously walked into a room with 40 strangers a week ago and am leaving changed — with a renewed sense of peace, of direction and of clarity. We laughed together. We cried together. […]

Collateral Beauty

I, like many of you, read and deeply resonated with Jen Hatmaker’s Good Friday post, When Treasured Things Are Dead. Jen and I have had different journeys, different experiences, and I can’t even fathom her pain and grief. I grieve for her, and with her. And I know the difficulty of untangling life and ministry, Jesus […]

On Leaving and On Looking Ahead to the Uncomfortable Unknown

Yesterday I posted a picture of me packing up my office. And several of you guys were like, “Um, what?!?” So here’s a little bit of what’s been happening in my life and in my heart. A week or so ago I resigned from my role as COO and Strategist of the IF:Gathering. Yep. BIG change. […]

Going. Going. Gone.

Yesterday, I packed up what was left of my life in California. In between errands and goodbyes, I stole an hour with my friend Jennie {yes, I reposted a guest post I did for her yesterday} and her husband Zac. They like many, asked how my transition has been, what I’m leaving behind and what […]