Oh How We Lie

Lately I have noticed that we (yes, me too) sure tweet a lot of lies. We tweet a lot of untruths, falsehoods, fibs, fabrications, deceptions, inventions, pieces of fiction, falsifications, half-truths, exaggerations, and tall tales. Plainly, we tweet lot of crap. Call me a skeptic BUT was that sandwich REALLY the best thing you have […]

Follow Friday – Catalyst West

Decided that today instead of normal “Follow Friday” tweets that I’d hook you up with some of the incredible people I encountered this week so you can get connected with them. Each of these folks played a part in making my time at Catalyst West (#catwest) incredible. Incredible. @sarahmarkley and @cmarkley –  At the suggestion […]

A Few Things Chris Brogan Reminded Me…

Last Thursday morning, I had the privilege of hearing Chris Brogan (@chrisbrogan), the New York Times bestselling author of Trust Agents, speak at an event was hosted by JTMarCom and Stage Post Productions which benefited Social Media Club Nashville. I soaked up a vast array of knowledge from Chris Brogan (literally I took six pages […]

Why I Love Social Media, Part 2

Yesterday I started a new series on my blog, “Why I Love Social Media.” This series is for all the folks that are resisting blogging, Twitter, Facebook, etc. because they are convinced that the internet is full of cunning predators. This series is hopefully will give them a taste of what they are missing out […]

I'm Infected

Last Thursday, Thomas Nelson hosted LifeWork 2.0, a Social Media tutorial created by Spence Smith and Randy Elrod. All in all, there were about 30 attendees from Thomas Nelson and 20 folks from all around the United States. I love Randy and Spence’s energy. Their passion about this stuff is contagious! And I have caught […]

I Am What I Tweet?

I recently read somewhere that, “you are what you tweet.” Although this may not be exactly true, I do think that Twittering has the power to shape people’s perceptions of you DRAMATICALLY. For instance, if someone’s tweets are constantly whines and complaints, I start to think they are negative. I start to change the way […]

The Story Oprah Didn't Tell…

Please tell me that I am not the only one that yelled at the TV as they watched Friday’s episode of Oprah. On Friday, Oprah (@oprah) and her “Friday Live” friends, talked to Ashton (@aplusk) and Evan Williams (@ev) about Twitter. If you didn’t get a chance to watch, check it out here: Here is […]

An Awkward Introduction

I have fully embraced all things Twitter. It has been a fun way to stay in touch with friends and colleagues and it has been a fabulous networking tool. For those not familiar with the technology, I highly recommend Michael Hyatt’s posts, 12 Reasons to Start Twittering and The Beginner’s Guide to Twitter. He shares […]