Celebrating Completion

On Saturday, I completed the Country Music Half Marathon. I wish I could say, “On Saturday, I ran the Country Music Half Marathon,” but really there was no running. There was some walking, some trotting, but mostly walking. With about a 10-minute bathroom break, my “chip” time was 3:22.


I ran (for lack of a better verb) with the Powered by Hope Team to raise scholarship money for kids to attend New Hope Academy. I can personally attest that this is a great cause. New Hope Academy is an incredible school with an audacious vision, to transform culture by creating a new generation of Christ-like leaders. I raised $670 dollars, of my $1,000 goal, and money is still trickling in. (You can donate here, by the way.)

Although I would have liked to have run faster and raised more, finishing 13.1 miles in the 75+ degree heat with the Nashville sun beating down on you and collecting over $500 is an accomplishment any way you slice it. But for some reason, I did not properly celebrate.

From the moment I crossed the finish line, even as I was running the race, I was thinking about how I was going to do it better next time. I was strategizing about my training. I was scheming about my fund raising. Last night, I realized that I truly never celebrated my completion. So today, I am taking a moment, to say “Yay Lindsey, you finished the race, a job well done.”

So tell me…how about you, do you take time to celebrate your achievements? Or do you find yourself always moving straight ahead to what is next?

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  • John Ireland

    CONGRATS!!! Definitely celebrate! God gave you a healthy body able to run/trot/walk over 13 miles. THAT is worth celebrating, as well as the finances raised for a worthy cause.

    I plan to participate in my first half this September at the U.S. Air Force Marathon event as part of Team WorldVision.

    Well done, Lindsey!

  • Marcie

    You should totally stand back and celebrate! I am so proud of you!

  • Way to go Linsey! Much to be said for completing what you started out to do. I’m not so good at celebrating. Always so much more to do. Thanks for the reminder though.

  • Jessica

    I tend to do the same thing! … Sometimes, Other times Im like well I did it and thats what matters! So you should celebrate all you can because that was a BIG deal!

  • I’m proud of you! I wish I had seen you on race day. After the race I was thinking that we should have been more deliberate to catch up.

    I’m like you though. I couldn’t relish the accomplishment. I was just wishing I had done better… that the heat hadn’t gotten to me… that I had improved my time… etc.

    Let’s go celebrate together soon!