About Lindsey Nobles

Lindsey is a native Texan who lives in Austin, Texas. She has a sincere love for her precious dogs Molly and Maisy, a good red wine and a Delta Sky Club. When she’s not making trips back to Orange County {where she spent a 9 month stint soaking up the sun and building community at Project 7}, Dallas {where her oh-so-sweet parents reside}, Raleigh {home to her sister and three nieces}, or Birmingham {where she first fell in love with the South}, Nashville {her home away from home}, she’s spent her time working furiously for IF:Gathering and consulting on a few special projects that she is passionate about. 


Lindsey has a definite love for and interest in honesty, self-awareness and answering the hard questions that friends sometimes ask her. Even the not so fun or popular topic of singleness.

She believes that women need a place, both physically and virtually, where we all can come together, reflect, rest, refuel, and redeem our passions, our purposes, and our lives. These are just a couple of the reasons that she devoted a lot of her time and energy to helping Jennie Allen build the IF:Gathering.


Lindsey graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a degree in Marketing and is still waiting for the perfect ski day.

The posts on this blog are provided ‘as is’ with no warranties and confer no rights. The opinions expressed on this site are my own and do not necessarily represent those of my employer. © 2013, Lindsey Nobles

My Top Posts: 

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If you would like to advertise on this site, please email me at lindseyrnobles@gmail.com.


If you would like to hire me to do consulting, please email me at lindseyrnobles@gmail.com.

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email: lindseyrnobles@gmail.com

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  • Lindsey,

    I just looked at this blog for the first time and I realized 2 things.

    1. You’re awesome.
    2. I want to be your friend!!

    Have a great weekend.


  • Anna

    “Tough conversations”
    This entry was fascinating to me, I am an English woman living in the US and I find that being real gets you nowhere, people don’t want to hear the truthful version or opinion about events, people dislike you expressing like or dislike, my question is, is being fake any easier? (Not suggesting that you are a fake, just that you had consciously thought about ” being fake” and “being real”)

  • iierma

    Hi Lindsey, how do you do? I impress with your blog, and I’d like to be your friend. My name is Irma, I am Indonesian and living in Jakarta-Indonesia.

    Thanks & Rgds,


  • Dorothy

    Hi. I like the set up of your blog. I just signed on to WordPress and I’m lost, lost, lost! I don’t particularly like plunging around the forums looking for info that really doesn’t help anyway.

    I would basically like to know how I add new posts while keeping the old posts on the page, with the most recent first and with a few sentences about what each post is about AND show my comments, just the way you have yours!

    If you can point me to a “how to” in WordPress, that would be great. Thanks!

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  • Stumbled on this to read your interview with Daniel Bashta. Love the design of the site. Keep up the good work.

  • Richard

    Hello, Lindsey! Mike Morrell asked me to contact you because he really appreciates your blog and thinks you’d be an excellent candidate for his Speakeasy Blogger Network. Do you like to review off-the-beaten path faith, spirituality, and culture books? Speakeasy puts interesting books in your hands at no charge to you. You only get books when you request them, and it’s free to join. Sign up here, if you’d like: http://thespeakeasy.info

  • Jenn

    Can you describe the perfect Ski day?