Waiting For The Perfect Day

I attended college at The University of Colorado…in Boulder. (Yep, that’s the one. I know it doesn’t really fit into whatever box you’ve probably put me in, but it is where I went. I promise.) Whenever I tell people they immediately want to ask two questions.

The first most are hesitant to voice, “Did you graduate?” Why, yes, I did. In three years. Thank you very much.

And the second slips out without hesitation, “Did you ski ALL THE TIME?” That’s the one I hate answering. Because while I always made it out a handful of times each year, I definitely did not ski enough. So I start explaining…

When I lived in Colorado, I was spoiled. The mountains were there, well, all the time. Life happened. College happened. I carefully picked and choose days when I could afford to get up early, gather my gear, head west, and tackle the conditions. My aspirations of hitting the slopes were impeded by obligations…a sorority formal, a test, a birthday dinner, a date with a dark and brooding boy (I loved the dark and brooding boys). And by the weather…too much snow, not enough snow, too cold temperatures, too warm temperatures.

In short, I waited for the stars to align, and only skied on the all-too-rare perfect day.

The lesson I learned too late to make an impact on my skiing, and that I’m still learning over and over again, is that “perfect days” are few and far between. And that wonderful memories can be made when I stop waiting for all the proper circumstances to align and say yes to adventure, to the unexpected, to life.

In what areas of your life do you find yourself waiting for the perfect day?

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Lindsey has a sincere love for her precious dogs Molly and Maisy, a good red wine and the Delta Sky Club.

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  • possibly not what you had in mind, but the first thing that popped into my head: i'm waiting for the perfect day to sit down and tackle my email inbox. (granted, it's probably more like a week of perfect days to get to the bottom of that compost pile…) it's never gonna happen. i need to just bite the bullet. one of these days… 😉

  • crittyjoy

    This sort of reminds me of something when I was in college. I went to a Christian college that is well known for its very large waterfall. My "school" (i.e. focus of my degree) was in the building just hundreds of feet from the falls. Yet I rarely went. I would always put it off and not go. I regret that now. All those afternoons I could have spent there drinking in the beauty of creation and the peacefulness.

    I am totally waiting on all sorts of perfect days. Sigh.
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  • It’s always such a struggle not to wait for everything to align perfectly. What a great reminder to stay present in our days! Thanks girl!

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  • to call my grandmother. it's been too long and I guess I'm afraid too because she cries every time I talk to her.
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  • oo, lindsey. i love this. well, i don't love it. but i love it. i don't love it because it's another reminder that life is meant for the living. this summer, and i blogged about it some and continue to as revelation strikes, i realize that it's what the 'abundant life' is all about. that this is it. this is all we have. right now, right here. if we're waiting for it to come, then we miss it all together.

    i'm too safe and, to be honest, too afraid. which i hate! how can i be afraid if i trust? fear can't co-exist in love! so i really hate what it says about me in my faith-walk when i realize i'm afraid.

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  • to your question, though, i really want to move to nashville or austin, and i think that i will probably sooner than later. it was sort of a gift i received when my dad died – realizing the brevity of life & the adventure we're meant to live – NOW. he moved to nashville a few years before he died just because he could and he had always wanted to do songwriting there, which he did and that's where he died and i love that about him.

    i'll get there one day. hopefully sooner than later.

    My recent post fine &amp dandy

  • I have definitely done this in my life many times. We lived up North (Yukon Territory – beside Alaska) for 5 years. It is absolutely gorgeous up there and there are tons of things to do outdoors. Unfortunately, I never made the time to enjoy those things while I lived there. Thankfully we still return there now as "tourists" (my wife's family lives there) and I have been able to enjoy the things that I missed when I lived there.

    When we moved to our current location (North Vancouver Island – also very beautiful) we promised each other that we wouldn't make that same mistake again and we haven't. 🙂
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  • I had been waiting for the perfect day to start chasing my dream. Now, I'm done waiting on that day.
    My recent post When it’s given back

  • Dang! What am I waiting for? I’m waiting not wait. I play the waiting card when it comes to pursuing my dreams. I say I’m waiting until I have more, fill in the blank, until I can….. In all honesty, I will be waiting forever like that. Waiting has been an excuse to not fail. I need to buck it up!

    I am missing CO today! I miss being able to see the snow capped mountains.

  • Sigh. This is my fourth edit of this comment, so I’m going to simplify:

    I hear you.

    I try daily to run after God and my dreams (for what are dreams without God?), and hope to build the trust it will take to completely trust that HE will carry me when I need it.

  • oops … posted the previous comment with actually writing a comment.

    Great thought provoking post for me! I've always waited for 'some day' when the time is right to do this, that or whatever. After almost dying in an accident 6 yrs ago, I learned to live in the moment because life could end any day … but it's sad how I can still slip back into that waiting mindset sometimes … so thanks for the nudge to remember that today is the day to live.
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  • After years of putting it off because “I don’t have time” or “I don’t have the money”, life just became so unbearable that I finally gave in an did it. I start work on my Master’s on January 17th. And I just realized that if I’d started when I lost my job 2 years ago, I’d be done right around now… Oh well. Live & learn – a few times.

  • nawinter

    Working on my blog. I love to write. And I love the logistics of integrating new widgets on my blog for approximately 3.4 minutes before it becomes frustrating. So I always wait until the perfect day – when I'll have plenty of time, when my husband can help me, when I don't have somewhere else to be – and that doesn't seem to come nearly frequently enough!

  • cheers guys, was pretty positive that a cooling break may be best, and yeah so true DRUSS. in flight, i always stiffen up, tense my stomach n hold my breath lol, so yeah a break would possibly be best… or the better choice is to drag my dad hirobo n shuttle out the cobwebs….
    thnks again

  • Oh, man, this is rich and spot-on. We just moved from the gorgeous state of Colorado where we lived and worked for 4 years and I didn't get to ski or see the Grand Canyon (as an East Coaster, originally, the GC was much closer in CO than where I was raised in NC). UGH. I look back now, and I can't see why the excuses of money or weather or babysitters, etc, stopped us.

    Trying to learn, too, RIGHT NOW, to not make the same mistake.

    Happy New Year . . . .

    My recent post The Best of Latitude 18 2010

  • Too often. Its way too easy to take your opportunities for granted instead of enjoying what you've been blessed with while its there for you.

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