San Francisco Bound

On Saturday, I am headed to San Francisco and the Napa Valley. To say I am excited, doesn’t really cut it. I am elated, beside myself, about to burst.


My traveling companion is a good friend, Sarah, who I have gotten close to since I moved to Nashville. This summer Sarah is moving to Chicago – she got a fancy job to match her fancy degree from Owen — so this time with her will be exceptionally special. We will be joining forces with one of my best friends from Birmingham, Allison, who moved to San Francisco last year. I miss “Ali” so much and secretly pray that we will get her back to the South soon. Maybe I can convince her of this after a glass of wine or two? (Of course I am kidding, I would never do that ;))

Looks like the weather is going to be perfect. And by perfect I mean, high of 65, low of 55 and sunny. EVERYDAY we are there.

I was born a planner (hopefully this is not going to be a problem for my traveling companions) so we have a rough schedule working. There are a few things we have not ironed out. (Like when I will get to properly congratulate one of my childhood friends, Meredith, and her new fiancée.) But here is what we’ve got on the agenda so far:

Just a warning: I get really excited about restaurants, and we are going to one of the epicurean capitals of the World, so we’ll be carefully planning each meal.

Saturday – Arrive in San Francisco. Eat luch someplace fabulous (TBD). Take leisurely drive to Napa and enjoy some wineries. Dinner at Mustard’s. Spend the night in Napa.

Sunday – More wineries. More leisure. Lunch at Jordan. Maybe some shopping? Dinner someplace wonderful (TBD). Spend the night in Napa.

Monday – Wake up and head back to San Francisco. Sightsee. Eat. Shop. Dinner at Beetlenut with one of my best friends from college, Laura, who I have not seen since 1999 LITERALLY.

Tuesday – More of what we did on Monday. Dinner at Bar Tartine.

Wednesday – Catch a flight back to beautiful, and hopefully dry Tennessee.

Now do you get my uncontainable excitement? What fun trips do you have planned? What San Francisco must-sees are missing from our itinerary?

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  • cmhinds

    I am so excited for you even though I have to acknowledge that, yes, you are in fact rubbing it in and I am jealous! Please give my former home (and Ali) a hug for me and have a fabulous time! Bring me back something good! 🙂

  • Plouf is fabulous for lunch, especially if you like Mussels. At least I think they’re open for lunch. Yep, they are. Check it out… Another amazing place to hang out is at the Ferry Building. You can eat at a number of wonderful restaurants (tacos to die for!) or just graze as you go from booth to booth.

    Cool wineries to check out: Hendry, Jarvis, Frank Family, Silver Oak. Have a wonderful time at Jordan.

    I want to go too! I never did get to spend enough time wandering around the city when I worked for Chronicle.

  • Hope you have a wonderful trip. Haven’t been there in years. Is Alioto’s still there? Once had dinner by the window on July 4, watching the fireworks over the bay. Go if you can.

  • John Ireland

    have been there, but no specific recommendations…have a great time!

  • Ashley

    I am so jealous! Ya’ll are going to have a blast. Ali is a great hostess. Take lots of pictures and give Ali a hug for me. Love ya!


  • Oh I’m so excited for you! Funny you should mention this. I’m booking tickets and reserving rooms for a trip to Eureka and Ferndale a few hours north of SF. Research for The LIghtkeeper’s Daughter.

    I’ve been to SF several times. Driving up and down the steep streets is a little scary but exhilarating! Hope you have a super trip, sweetie!

  • Laura

    So happy I was on the schedule! Such a great time and so wonderful to see you and meet your great friends! Looks like I will need to plan a trip to Nashville soon!

  • You will love SF. I went with my sister about 18 months ago when she went on business and loved it. It’s very laid back for a big city and has a very artsy vibe which was perfect for me. I’m itching to go back again. Have fun! Found your site through Without Wax.

  • oh and if you like a good steak try Boboquivaros on Lombard St.

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  • San Francisco is my favorite US city. Well, at least my favorite I’ve visited.

    Hope you had a great time.