Fall is…

A few months ago I was going on-and-on about the joys of Summer but I’ve got to be honest, I am READY for Fall. Who is with me?

I think that Fall is my favorite season. And it is sneaking up on us, as it always does in August. The summer sun is still ablazin’ but school is starting back and before we know it we’ll all be knee-deep in leaves.


Here are my 10 favorite things about Fall:

1. My Birthday – September 21st is the day and everyone better get ready! Because I am not afraid to celebrate the joy of my birth. I love birthdays, especially mine. I love my birthday because it is the only day, that I can selfishly celebrate myself. Okay, maybe the celebration lasts longer than a day 😉 But birthday festivities are so fun. I love gathering random groups of friends, eating cake, and hitting a honky-tonk or two.

2. College Football – I love college football. I don’t really know how to answer the obvious question, who do I root for? It’s kind of complicated. You see I grew up a raving Texas Longhorns’ fan. I attended the University of Colorado and cheered on the Buffaloes. Then I moved to Alabama and sort of picked up the University of Alabama habit (I’m not one of those people who hates the Aubs but I am certainly more inclined to yell “Roll Tide” than “War Eagle”). And now I live in the land of Commodores and Volunteers. What is a girl to do? I do the best I can and get through the season cheering for one team at a time.

2009 Iron Bowl - Tuscaloosa, Alabama

2009 Iron Bowl - Tuscaloosa, Alabama

3. Weather – Sometime late in September or early in October. The air starts to get this wonderful chill in it. And I am complete bliss. The sun still shines bright but mornings are crisp. It is simply perfect weather.

4. Foliage – One the weather turns, then the leaves start doing their thing. It’s heavenly. Simple trees instantly are transformed into works of art showcasing a vibrant color palette.


5. Fashion – Corduroy, Boots, Blue Jeans, Cashmere, Coats – do I need to say any more?

6. Thanksgiving – A great holiday (with some serious food) that serves as a yearly reminder that we are blessed and we have much to be thankful for.

7. Television – This might actually be what I am most excited about but somehow I couldn’t stand how shallow I seemed putting it at the top of the list 😉 But I LOVE fall television. All of my favorite characters return on Grey’s Anatomy, Brothers and Sisters, Private Practice, One Tree Hill, and Gossip Girl. And I can’t forget Top Chef – adore Top Chef!

8. New Moon – On November 20, the Twilight saga is back. I can’t wait to watch New Moon. I will be there (with all the screaming teenage girls) on the 20th don’t you worry! Seriously debating rereading it so I am in total geek mode come November.

9. Trips to the Mountains – I love the beach but if I had to pick between the beach and the mountains I would pick the mountains hands down. I feel this inexplicable peace when I am standing on a mountain top and breathing in the beautiful landscape below. Last year, I took a Fall trip with the family to Blowing Rock and Boone, North Carolina. I hope that we’ll make it an annual tradition. It refreshed my soul.

Fall 2009 - Boone, North Carolina

Fall 2009 - Boone, North Carolina

10. Did I Say College Football? Pretty sure I did, but it is very important so I thought I should mention it again.

What are your favorite things about Fall?

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Lindsey has a sincere love for her precious dogs Molly and Maisy, a good red wine and the Delta Sky Club.

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  • Suzanne

    11. Soup with the Normans

    • Bring it on Ms. Norman! I want the soup now. But once we have it, I don't want to have to wait another year before I get to eat it again. It is torture!

  • I love fall too! Hiking, Football, homemade spaghetti, vegetable soup, chili, campfires…Yay!

  • i am with you 100%, Lindsey! my tops: wedding anniversary (20OCT), temps (love the dry, crisp air!), and the colors.

  • Katie

    Top Chef starts back tomorrow night!! 8:00!

  • You named my favorites, too! The weather, the leaves, the sweaters, the jeans and the new season of TV shows! But my MOST favorite parts are the holidays – the anniversary of meeting my husband and my daughter's birthday! (And okay, so the weather and the leaves are most favorites, too…!)

  • I love fall too.. although with my new life here in CA, I'm struggling to remember why.

    I love the changing colors of the leaves on the trees. Bonfires. The first time we light the fire in the fireplace. The expectation of coming winter – and the snow it will bring. The excitement that Christmas is just around the corner….

    Maybe I'm getting old, maybe it's because I live somewhere where we can't have bonfires, don't get snow, don't have a fireplace…. Maybe I just need to find some new things to love about Autumn!

    Great post!

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  • Wow! I think you have it all covered. I love the fall. My wife and I also love to walk so the weather and foliage are the best!

  • Amy

    I'm right there with you. I LOVE Fall! I love the change in the air and the incredible blue sky that only Fall brings. Fall even smells different & the sun has such an incredible glow to it in Fall.

  • I love this list! I've always known fall was my favorite. I just love that crisp, crackly fresh air with all the feeling of possibilities. To your list I'd add that fall is the anniversary of becoming a mother. My oldest was born October 17, and that day matters more to me than almost any other in the year. Also, we live in a college town and fall means the homecoming parade which is a happy tradition in our family.

  • Ali

    I have been commenting a lot lately here, but I wanted to second you–fall is my favorite season. I am a September baby too! (Born the 26th, and I am all about celebrating me and my birthday with my friends and family!) I also love, love, love the change in weather and the chance to wear comfy sweaters and boots! I love Brothers and Sisters, and I can't wait to start watching that with my friends because we all congregate Sunday nights to watch tv together at someone's house. The one way we differ is that I am not much into football. I went to the University of Pennsylvania, and I was never much into football there.

    PS I like the picture of you with your nieces! (I assume that is who you are with.)

  • Breanna

    I am so with you about fall. Down here in Austin, it's been 100+ degrees almost everyday…since June. I love summer (and I'm a summer birthday), but I am sick of this heat. Totally ready for October, which is, in my opinion, the BEST month for Texas weather.

    And I am so with you on New Moon. Cannot. Wait.

  • I'm in CA…. it typically won't actually be fall until November! We call October our "Indian Summer"….it's typically beautiful, especially at the beach, which is a great thing because fall also brings good waves (husband is a surfer) and it's much more pleasant hanging out on the beach in sunshine instead of fog.

    My youngest and only girl begins kindergarten next week. What I love is dressing her up cute and I love old fashioned wool coats, thick colorful tights and crocheted hats on her. Right now the stores are stocked with adorable back to school fall fashions yet it'll be at least 2 months until I'll be able to put tights on her!

    Other things I love about fall: Watching our pumpkin plant grow it's pumpkin, halloween costumes, taking photos in the pumpkin patch, (it's so colorful!) Hot chocolate and spiced cider, reading books by a cozy fire, riding my bike in the rain, fire belly newts, my inlaw's pumpkin pie and bread pudding, watching the leaves finally fall in Nov/Dec. Oh, and this year there's the U2 concert in Pasadena….. looking forward to that as well!

  • I think we might be a kindred soul. Fall is hands down my favorite time of you. A sweet melancholy breeze does wonders for writing, reading, and reflection.

    But, it's not just the inward enjoyments that the Fall brings. The woods, the trees are so much more inviting, for that hike and walk with friends and family.

    And of course, I'm glad you put "Fashion" down on your list. C'mon, who doesn't love snuggling into a comfy sweater and matching it with a dark pair of blues! 🙂

  • so excited about fall as well.
    camping trip in the mountains
    jett playing flag football
    and a little excited about new moon! 🙂
    plus i LOVE blue jeans which are the perfect fall fashion choice
    oh, and how could i forget my snuggie!