The Blahs

I kind of have THE BLAHS today. Actually, I have had them all week.

The Blahs from NY Magazine

You know the feeling? The feeling that you are a blink away from tears. The feeling where you actually can feel a heavy heart beating in your chest. The feeling that you are alone fighting the world.

Maybe it is that I turn 33 on Monday? (Seriously 33. How did that happen?) Maybe it is that it has not stopped raining for a week in Nashville? (A straight week. The humidity is not doing good things for me or my hair.) Maybe it is that I haven’t felt great so I have pretty much been holed up at home with only my puppy for company? (Molly is great company but I am an extrovert and I get energy from people, not dogs.) Maybe it is that I haven’t seen my adorable little nieces in a few months? (Really wish they’d move to Nashville. It’s never gonna happen but a girl can dream, can’t she?) Maybe it is that The Norman are in the UK right now and they forgot to take me with them?


Because tonight I am going out with some friends to celebrate my birthday. And I want to enjoy our time together. And I want to be at peace with myself. And I want to be appreciative for all my blessings (I know that I have been very blessed.)

But mostly I want to focus on all the good things and not feel BLAH.

Anyone have any sure-fire tips for getting rid of the blahs?

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Lindsey has a sincere love for her precious dogs Molly and Maisy, a good red wine and the Delta Sky Club.

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  • Do something nice for someone else .. it's a sure-fire solution!

  • First of all, going out with your friends tonight could be an insta-smile! I had a similar feeling in my chest a month ago today when I was getting together with friends to celebrate my 32nd. Once the evening began, I began embracing the idea that these peeps had gathered to celebrate my birth, and my mood/countenance lifted.

    Sometimes what I do–because often my 'blahs' are paired with a general skepticism about the future–I say "God has not let me down for XX years, why would He start now?" Then I try to remember all of the cool adventures He's set me up for and that I've been able to have because I was in whatever spot He had me at whatever time. Sometimes that helps (?). Oh, and so does and Cupcakes, too, but they have untoward side effects that require lots and lots of exercise, from what I've found. 🙂

  • Focus outwardly. Visit a homeless shelter for women and children and read books to the kids. Start a writing group for the women. Use your new found cooking skills and take a casserole or a dessert to a nieghbor unannounced. And continue to count your many, many blessings! Happy birthday Lindsey!!

  • Well, I'm right there with you and I haven't found a solution yet.

    I just want to wish you a happy birthday and I hope tonight God allows you a night that blows all your blahs away. If it helps at all, your blog is must read material for me every day.

  • Some good solutions already posted. Hanging out with your friends tonight will more than likely do the trick. Lots of laughter is good for a case of the blahs. Find a movie that makes you laugh until you cry! And sometimes, I just need to have a good cry, let it out, then let it go and move on. Happy (soon-to-be) Birthday, Lindsey! Praying it is the best one yet!!!

  • That is a great picture to describe it!

  • Marcie

    Know how loved you are!!! We love and miss you Birthday Girl!

    • You home? Will you call me? I really miss you and the girls.

  • Hey Lindsey, my first thought was to list out a bunch of things that make me happy, like getting together with friends, going out for a cup of coffee and a strawberry pastry, or going out to a favorite restaurant.

    But, I have had my blahs before.. on many birthdays. And to share what honestly got me through through them?

    I packed my journal in my backpack, drove to the ocean or hiked along a mountain, early in the morning, and just poured my soul on pages of ink and prayer. And after sitting there until my nose got cold and numb (my birthday's in December), I walk back and suddenly, God would touch me with the beauty of sunlight, a grey cloud, or the crunch of leaves underfoot.

    And thankfully. Even though it wasn't with words, the feelings of fighting the world alone loses it's edge.

    Oh, one key ingredient — a warm cozy sweater and old pair of jeans.

    Happy birthday, special Lindsey. Thanks for sharing your blahs.

  • Late response but I usually turn on some spunky music and drink a cup of coffee (or a red bull depending upon how bad it is!)

    And many times just spending a few moments in worship and gratefulness to the Lord sets me back straight.