Not Your Traditional Thanksgiving

To say I was raised among avid travelers is an understatement.

Everyone in my family was born with a major case of wanderlust and a passport in hand.

As a case in point, my nieces (the youngest of which is two) are about to make their second international trip. (I know, my sister, brother-in-law, and his parents are very, very brave souls.)

So as an “avid traveler” and our official planner, my father begins investigating where we should go any time a holiday approaches. No holiday is too short (President’s Day, 4th of July, New Year’s), or too sacred (Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving), for us to stay home.

Beautiful Bird

This Thanksgiving I’m heading with Mom, Dad, “Honey” (my grandma), and the Wilburs (family friends) to California. Pebble Beach to be exact. I leave a week from today and return the following Monday. I can’t wait. Turkey, stuffing, sand, and surf…what could be better?

It is not your traditional Thanksgiving but I am thankful any way. And isn’t that what it is all about?

What are your Thanksgiving plans? Do you have any Thanksgiving traditions?

Oh, and please let me know if you have been to Pebble Beach and have suggestions on things to do and places to eat.

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Lindsey has a sincere love for her precious dogs Molly and Maisy, a good red wine and the Delta Sky Club.

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  • Hi Lindsey,
    I'm sad tonight and stumbled upon your post. It's a good distraction. 🙂

    My Thanksgiving plans never seem to change much; it's always with my husband's side of the family, be it with his Grandma when she was alive or his mom and dad, brothers and their families. It's a wonderful time, as his parents live in a beautiful area here. It's only 40 minutes from where I live but the difference is amazing! My mother in law is a wonderful, talented cook and the meal is always excellent in taste and visually stunning. Then, either friday or Saturday, we all gather again and she makes turkey tortilla soup with the leftover turkey and bones, steaming bowls of my favorite soup ever, and we put our own freshly fried tortilla strips, guacamole, cheese and sour cream on top. Ah, I can't wait! Then we bring out the boxes of Christmas decorations and ornaments and let the kids help decorate the tree. (and I get to take photographs of them doing it! Highlight of my day….. besides the soup) It's just a beautiful, relaxing wonderful time of family and gratitude as we reflect on what we are thankful for and anticipate the advent season ahead.

    As for Pebble Beach; that's in my neck of the woods! Not too far away. My inlaws play golf there often and spent a week there just a month ago. I'll see if they have any recommendations

    • @torybee Sorry you were sad. I had a rough day yesterday too. Thankfully today seemed much brighter.

      • Hi Lindsey,
        Hope you had a better day yesterday… I know I certainly did! 🙂

  • It’ll be my wife, daughter and I having our first Thanksgiving in Nashville. We’ll probably get a few turkey subs from Subway or something since it doesn’t make sense to make a big meal for three people.

    I can still fall asleep on the couch watching football afterward so it would be like being at my parent’s house. 🙂

    • @Jason, We usually eat out for Thanksgiving too. Making all the fixin's seems a little absurd unless you have a large gathering. I think we are actually cooking this year so I'm stoked.

  • I get 2 Thanksgivings this year. The first is this weekend @ my Mom & Dad's in ALABAMA!!! We're doing it early because my nephew is leaving for the Navy very soon. Then next week I'll do another huge southern spread for our family of 5 and a few very special friends. But there'll be enough food for the entire neighborhood, I'm sure. Everyone insists on at least one of their "favorite" foods. That's a tradition my Mom started and I don't have the heart to stop it.

    Have a great trip!

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  • Breanna

    My Thanksgiving is pretty much the same every year. I always spend it in Dallas with my dad's side of the family – everyone comes over to my parents' house, and we have our standard Thanksgiving meal. It's the best. This year I have plans to see New Moon with my sister while everyone else is watching football. 🙂 It would be so great to travel though! California is one of my favorite places, but I've never been to Pebble Beach. Have fun!

    • @Breanna, I was in Dallas last year and we did the Turkey Trot. It was so fun to get out and get some exercise before we overindulged. And I'm not a huge exerciser so that's saying a lot.

  • My family is doing something different this year.
    We are hosting a thanksgiving luncheon type thing for the community.
    We have worked with another family to organize this meal for families that are either in need or do not have any where to go for thanksgiving.
    It is a pretty exciting thing and we have had so many volunteers sign up that we have had to start turning people away.

    I think we are expecting anywhere from 300-500 people there to enjoy some food and fun and I would not want to do anything else for Thanksgiving.

    • @Kyle That is so cool. I hope you'll keep us posted on how it goes.

  • Joan Kirkpatrick

    Grateful to be with family again this year, we moved to Franklin last year to be with family and it has been the best thing we have done in a long time. So, this Thanksgiving will find us and our kids and grandkids around a laden table thanking God for his many blessings.

    • @Joan, That will be wonderful. I can't wait until Christmas when I will get to be with my nieces. Children always make holidays more festive.

  • StephanieinLex

    Homeward to Virginia for Thanksgiving for me. Generally, we have my (in)famous chili and a bonfire out in one of the pastures on Thanksgiving Eve, but I don't get home until Wednesday night this year. My mom isn't as much of a cook as I am, and she orders our dinner from Ukrop's, our hometown grocery. I get excited about the Ukrop's chess pie. I wonder if I can talk her into letting me cook the turkey this year. Or at least some side dishes. 🙂 Usually I love on the horses and the other family pets and just spend some time with my brother, sister, mom, and dad (we don't have a big extended family). Sometimes one of my uncles will come into town, and other times we go to Maryland and visit the other uncle/aunt and cousin. Church where I grew up and hang out a little with my best friends from childhood and high school.

  • Ahem … I realize I sounded a little cocky there! When I said "My mom isn't as much of a cook as I am," I meant that she doesn't *enjoy it*. She actually is a GREAT cook, just hates it. 🙂 Anyhow, Lindsey, have a great trip to Pebble Beach. Sounds fantastic!

    (also wanted to mention that intensedebate isn't allowing me to be anything but anonymous on your blog. strange!)

    • @stephanieinlex, Have a great Thanksgiving. I didn't read your cooking comment to be boastful. But I totally get the need to correct yourself. Sometimes I send tweets and have a mini-crisis over whether they will be misinterpreted. Oh, the perils of Social Media!

  • just kidding. it worked that time.

  • My wife and I were married in November, so for the past 3 years we've traveled on the week of Thanksgiving to San Francisco, NY, and Boston.

    We had a baby in March, so we will be sticking around Atlanta for a traditional Thanksgiving, but based on the last 3, it feels very non-traditional to us.

    Enjoy your trip!

  • @Cindy That sounds awesome. I'm wondering what I would have you make for me. Hmmm….

  • elizabeth jones

    Sad to say this year, I wont be spending it with my family. ( I live w/ them too) sad and awkward story as to why I wont spend the day w/ them. I wont reveal details on fb . And yet, I'm oh so grateful for friends who care, support and include me w/ their Thanksgiving gathering. Here's a different challenge, I told 2 different people I'd attend their gathering and want to go to both houses to spend time with people. Is that possible for one to do? Not sure when both people are having the meals.
    Have a great time in California. how fun to travel : )

    • @elizabeth, I am spent a Thanksgiving, or two with friends families and always had a blast. There is something oddly comforting about seeing another's family up close and personal. Like maybe your family is not so crazy after all. At least that has been my impression 😉

      I would just be upfront with both friends about your plans so you don't feel awkward hopping from one meal to the next.

      Happy Thanksgiving!

    • @elizabeth, so weird i posted a response but it didn't show up so I am doing it again. i hope you have a great thanksgiving. i have spent several with friends' families and loved it. there is something comforting about seeing other families up close and knowing that every family has their issues.

      you can totally work both gatherings. i would just be upfront about what your plans are so that you don't have to make an awkward exit. oh, and don't overdo it with the turkey at the first meal. save some room!

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