On Love

One of my favorite “love stories” is Love Actually. You know the one with Hugh Grant, Liam Neeson, Emma Thompson, Colin Firth, and tons of other folks? The one that features 8 intersecting “love” stories. Some that make you laugh. Some that make you scream at your television. Some that make you smile so hard that your cheeks hurt. And some that make you cry.

There is something about that movie and the way in which it portrays love that resonates with me.

I guess it is because Love Actually reminds us that: Love is not just about romance. Love is not always tied up with a pretty bow. Love is not necessarily predictable. Love is seen and felt more often than it is heard. Love is often painful. But love is beautiful in its uniqueness.

And the scene at the end where they show people from all walks of life reuniting at an airport, faces so full of love, makes me cry like a baby.

I was at the airport yesterday and saw it…

Love. Everywhere. In the midst of the holiday bustle. With every rushed goodbye and every long-awaited reunion. There it was. Love. Actual love. Beautiful and imperfect. Love.

Where have you seen love lately?

This post was a part of Peter Pollock and Bridget Chumbley‘s Blog Carnival on Love. I recommend you go check out the other posts on Love.

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  • Where did I see love lately? In the eyes of my son as he looked at my daughter-in-law. Good post.

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  • ohhhh i love that movie… my apologies for the horrible pun 🙂 it's true though… love it.

    i've made myself stop & recognize the love of my family & friends this holiday season and how much love the Lord has blessed me with… even if it isn't coming from a significant other at this time in my life 🙂
    My recent post update on Katy

  • I have yet to watch the movie Love Actually all the way through but from what I have seen of it I liked it. (I know that sounds weird! :))
    Great post! I have seen love on twitter… strange but there have been so many people that have tweeted about prayer requests for others lately and it just shows how much these people are loved.
    My recent post Meet Caleb…

  • I have seen love through the eyes of an 18 year old who has yet to complain (except for a mild one) that he has been forced to give up his bedroom for the couch for 14 days so his grandma can come and visit. That's love.
    My recent post Until I have words, this will more than suffice

    • @dedraherod That is huge. I say that because I complain. 🙂

  • Merlyn loves that movie too and I've never figured out why… maybe he sees it the way you see it.
    My recent post Got $25?

  • Love Actually is my daughters and my Christmas movie every year.

    Love it!

    ANd I've seen, felt, tasted, heard and experienced love recently sitting around the Christmas dinner table watching the faces of those I love lit up in candlelight, sharing laughter, stories and song.

    Great question! Thank you.
    My recent post Love is…

  • I have seen love from my friend who desperately did NOT want me to walk home from the car shop. It was only 1.5 miles away from my home, and she lives a good distance away and has an infant. I was waiting for the diagnosis to see if my car would be ready that day, then I was just going to walk home before dark if it wasn't. She was terribly distressed by that, and was ready to pack herself and her son up, drive 30 minutes, and sit with me in the car shop until I heard the news.

    Luckily, my husband got off work early and was able to get me. 🙂
    My recent post To Look, Unshaken, upon the Tempests

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  • Ali

    I love that movie! I have seen it so many times. My favorite scene is when the guy who is in love with Keira Knightley's character comes with the placards and tells her how he feels. That scene makes me cry every time!

    I saw love on Christmas eve and Christmas day. Christmas eve I spent with one of my closest girlfriend's after church, and her six-year old and seven-year old daughters are filled with such love. And on Christmas day, I saw love in the eyes of another close friend's young nephews and niece.

  • " Love is not just about romance. Love is not always tied up with a pretty bow. Love is not necessarily predictable. Love is seen and felt more often than it is heard. Love is often painful. But love is beautiful in its uniqueness."

    Awesome stuff, Lindsey!
    My recent post Blog Carnival: One Word at a Time – Love

  • I also love that movie ! !

  • My two nieces (3 yrs and 11 mos) look at their mommy with such love and trust in their eyes… as I watched them during our family time at Christmas, it warmed my heart to see and remember how it felt when my children were that young.

    Great post, Lindsey!

  • I've not seen this movie, but will put it on my list – it looks great.

    I love people watching at airports also … makes me wonder what the stories of the people meeting or parting are.

    Happy New Year!

    • @janetober Just a warning. The movie is a little graphic, etc. Just didn't want you to be caught off guard. 😉

  • I've not seen this movie either but my pastor twittered that his girls (wife and 2 adult daughters) were watching it at Christmas for the 28th time.

    I'm not being very loving or lovable at the moment! I'm in a small vacation house with 17 people and I'm not the extroverted type.

    But… that being said, it amazes me that my husband shows me so much love and kindness even when I have such a difficult time in these family situations!
    My recent post Gabriel The Elf

  • Love is sometimes enduring each other so much that it eventually becomes endearing. And laughing along the way, sometimes at each other. Then the enduring starts all over again. And after 36 years, you find you're still in love.

  • I've seen love in the way my grandpa cares for my grandma. She's struggled with depression and health problems over the last few years and it hasn't even appeared to faze my grandpa. I can only hope to love like he does some day.
    My recent post Looking Ahead

    • @jeremybarr Awww…I love watching old couples. (Hope they won't be offended that I referred to them as old.)

      • Haha, I don't think they're worried about that.
        My recent post Looking Ahead

        • Well said Jeremy…..watching couples that have been together for a long time truely show me what love is all about. My grandfather has been gone for many years now but my grandmother still adores him and shows him love even if he is not on earth anymore. Great post Lindsey

  • I love that movie! That used to be mine and my sister's favorite movie to watch every Christmas, a tradition of sorts. I miss those days! Thanks for reminding me of it…I might have to sneak in a sister date to watch it when she comes back from Texas!
    My recent post Reflecting on 2009- Part 1

  • Where have I seen love lately? Wow, we just experienced an awesome season of compassion and generosity within our church family this Christmas Season. Our theme this year was Pause: This is Christmas. What happened amazed us all. You can read the stories here: http://www.stonecreekchurch.org/pause/

    The Intentional Acts of Chritsmas won't soon be forgotten by the givers or the receivers. I think we all understand a little better what it means to "be the church."
    My recent post I (Heart) Lists

  • OH I am gonna check out this movie……I tend to hibernate in the winter and "get my movies on".

    Hmmmmmmm, the last time I saw love in action? Watching my son take his last $10 out and pay a stranger's bill at Subway (the guy went to pay and realized he forgot his wallet)
    My recent post *~Love~*

  • Just returned Love Actually on Netfilx – hadn't seen it since last Christmas. All of the stories are great, but the one that I had remembered most was Emma Thompson finding out about her husband's flirtations and pulling herself together for her children… Calming down, but confronting him honestly… and seeing that they stayed together without a "tada" happy ending (or a nice bow, as you put it). It was real. Love is real and most tangible when you continue to act on it at the time you least feel like it, which strangely seems to make it grow.
    My recent post Making Faith Your Personal Possession

  • I love that movie because it has love & Christmas.. and Colin! LOL. … warm, beautiful and funny. Love actually … makes us smile so much our cheeks hurt… Love stories intertwining all across the world… in hearts that recognize the beauty in each other. What a nice thought… aaahhh… 🙂
    My recent post The Best Of Faith Barista 2009: The Top 10

  • I share your sentiment about airport hellos and goodbyes.

    Well, I saw it in the way my friend's husband looked at his 4-month-old daughter yesterday morning. He's a super-masculine, fairly stoic guy … but you can see his tenderness for his little girl just emanate from his every gesture or glance her direction. SO sweet.

    p.s. You know, I think I'm going to try to watch that movie again. My mom walked in during a rather awkward/mortifying scene near the beginning, I believe, and I'm not sure I quite recovered from her flailing of arms and exclamations of, "WHAT are you watching!?"

  • i have not seen that movie……yet.

  • so true. but the opening/closing scenes of love actually do make me feel very unloved when no one is there to meet me when I arrive at an airport, even though I know there'll be no one there!

  • Where have I been? I haven't seen the movie either, but that won't be for long. Any movie about love is my favorite. Your great post has me wondering to, "Where have I seen love lately?' Not near enough I am sure. But the sweet thought that sticks out in my mind is when a little 4-year old boy walked up to me recently and said, "I like your dress."

  • i still need to see this movie. you just bumped it up on the list.
    My recent post risky business

  • I see love in my parents – especially the way they related when my dad was in the hospital. It was great to see them hold hands & pray for the night before we left the hospital.

    I see it in my friends marriages and in my brother & his girlfriend. I also see that love doesn't always exist & marriages breaking apart & that breaks my heart more than anything.
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