It is So Easy…

To make someone’s day.

To change someone’s life.

To make a difference.

So easy.



Drop a friend a quick note.

Send an encouraging text message.

Tell someone you are thinking about them.

Remind someone that they are valued.

Let someone know that they are forgiven.

Say a prayer.

It is so easy. Yet so powerful.

This is a reminder to make today about something bigger than you. Bigger than the Super Bowl.

Go do it. Right now.

A special thanks to two friends who made my today brighter by simply saying something I needed to hear. Alece and Matthew, thank you!

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Lindsey has a sincere love for her precious dogs Molly and Maisy, a good red wine and the Delta Sky Club.

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  • Becky

    Great reminder!
    My recent post If I didn’t laugh I would be crying…

  • Ali

    Great post, Lindsey! Really it is so easy to make someone's day; I know how easy it is for me to perk up when people let me know I am valued and special to them. And yes, it is bigger than the Super Bowl. I don't even like football!

  • What a good reminder. We don’t do that often enough for people who are important to us. Life gets too busy, but should never be too busy for others! Thanks.

  • Christy

    Such an important reminder….This is something I try to do daily…I know how much something like that means to me. A kind word, a sweet note….. so simple yet so deeply touching.
    My recent post My Friday Adventure :: A Photo Story

  • Another great post, Lindsey! I can't wait to see the effect your conference has on your blogging!
    My recent post Ah, God. You have such a sense of humor.

  • So easy and yet so easily forgotten… thank for the reminder!
    My recent post Sunday Highlights – Your Turn

  • i just miss you.
    My recent post current events, served grit-style

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  • JBussell

    Great reminder. I think we get so caught up in our own lives and how busy we are that we forget that it only take 30 seconds to send someone a text message that may brighten their day or even their week. Great post!
    My recent post Will You Pray for Us?

  • I often have ideas of things to do for people – an email, card, cake, etc. But then I often talk myself out of it, especially if I am not very close to the person. I always worry they might think I am weird for doing something out of the ordinary. But I am realizing more and more that this is how God made me. He gave me eyes to see needs and if I don't use that skill, then I am just like the man who buried his talents. So I am learning to get over myself and just act on my first inclinations.
    My recent post Hope

  • It is easy for me to think about how much I need that from others, but to forget to offer it to myself to others! Great post!
    My recent post Finding Common Ground

  • Eve Annnziato

    GREAT reminder. Sending some text messages RIGHT now!

    By the way, your smart, sharp, kind, I love your spirit and appreciate your friendship! One down…
    My recent post WHO ARE YOUR VIPs?

    • Awww….and I'm so glad you corrected YOUR grammar so I didn't have to 😉

  • Eve Annunziato

    Of course – I meant "you're." Oh crap – I would do that on YOUR blog 😉
    My recent post WHO ARE YOUR VIPs?

  • It's so true. Great reminders…and thanks for linking up!
    My recent post thankful on a tuesday

  • scarletcordministries

    I always thought you should do something big to encourage but really All of those little thing that are so easy can make sucha huge difference for someone.

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