Priceless Nuggets of Wisdom for Singles

A couple of months ago, I had the pleasure of attending the wedding of one of my best friends. Since I was in the wedding (and since there is no notable boy in my life), I went by myself. Not a big of a deal. I’ve done it dozens of times. Really, not a big deal.

Well, kind of a big deal.

Mostly because as I’ve gotten older, I have realized that anyone who is married, has been married, or once had a dream about getting married, sees a single 30-something at a wedding and thinks, “I need to bestow my wisdom on this poor individual.”

And without a date, I am utterly defenseless.

So they begin, bombarding me with advice on how to find a man, and keep him, like it is their divine calling.

Here are a just a few of the priceless nuggets of wisdom I’m talking about:

“Have you ever thought about internet dating? I would never have been bold enough to try it, but I hear it worked for ____ and _______. You should do it. It would be fun.” – Β Um, okay. Thanks. I’ll get right on it. I was just waiting for your stamp of approval.

“Don’t settle. Be choosy. You only get one chance to do it right.” – Great advice. But do they realize I’M 33 and single? Don’t think settling is MY issue. THEY were the ones who got married before passing “Go.”

“_______’s single.” or “_______’s recently divorced.”Β – Really? What am I supposed to do with this? I mean what am I supposed to do with this BESIDES file it away on that list of single men I keep in my journal πŸ˜‰

“I really wish I had someone to set you up with. I would never dare set you up with (enter spouse’s name here)’s friends. You are too good for them.” Β – Call me crazy, butΒ I just don’t understand the math on this one. The skeptic in me thinks that as I listen, scan the room, and nod in agreement, the married dudes are saying the exact same thing to their single buddies.

So I’m curious…

Singles: What “helpful” advice have you gotten at the recent wedding?

Married folks: What “helpful” advice do you love to impart? OR what crazy things have people said to you about having babies, living happily ever after, etc.?

Author’s note: I write this in jest. Nine times out of ten, the advice is as endearing as it is frustrating. I actually take great comfort in knowing that people want to help me in my quest to fulfill all my dreams.

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Lindsey has a sincere love for her precious dogs Molly and Maisy, a good red wine and the Delta Sky Club.

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  • Sara Schaffer

    Oh, Lindsey, I love your honesty. I can relate so well to the above "advice" from well-meaning single and married friends. So, from me, no advice tonight. Friendship, prayers, and confidence in our God that He is fulfilling your heart's desires as we speak (albeit behind the scenes.) Love to you, friend!

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  • I’m a big fan of “You’ll find him when you stop looking for him.” As if I’m going around with nothing else on my mind, binoculars in hand.

    Or yeah, the eHarmony thing. If I’m actually compatible in 29 (!!) ways with the people I matched with on eHarmony, I have no business dating before I do some serious work on myself.

    • Lindsey Nobles

      That is Hilarious!

  • I’ve heard this quite a bit, “Well Julia, the perfect man isn’t just going to drop out of the sky. You gotta get out there and find him.” This leads me to believe that they assume I am either living closed up in a shack or I spend too much time with church folks and need to hit the club at least once a week too… to cover my options;)
    I was recently in Springfield, MO and apparently in answer to the “how do we get a man when we aren’t supposed to pursue them?” the married women of a church advised the single women to “place” themselves in the path of eligible men… and i guess you should also wink and offer soup, “wanton” soup!jk I joked and said I was going to change my twitter name to @pathblocker and gett’em done! Lol.
    got 2 wedding invites in the mail today and i gotta admit, i don’t mind going alone. i went to a few weddings last year with someone and it wasn’t any more fun, but of course he wasn’t a dancer and that was a compromise right there! haha, ok I’m done;)

    • Lindsey Nobles

      I agree. Unless you have someone you turkey want to spend an evening with, stag is the way to go.

  • Deb

    Seriously? I'm (ahem) older than you. πŸ˜‰
    During my 'unchurched-of-the-world' days? I never had this problem. Seriously.

    I never felt the pressure like it seems to exist within Christian circles. Can I be honest that I am sometimes relieved that I can claim 'divorced!' as if to explain that I was once….you know….and not happily either. πŸ˜‰

    But they seem confused that I might be okay, that I've long since gotten past being okay with going places alone if need be. That I'm long past learning that the only thing worse than being single is being in an unhappy or unhealthy relationship. Really. (Settling? WAY past that. πŸ˜‰ )

    That being said, as I'd love to meet "the-one-God-has-for-me", I tend to have a few 'I'm-old-and-been-there-done-that' sort of lines at the ready. So 'they' tend to leave me alone for the most part. Except for those "we-think-you're-awesome-and-want-to-introduce-you-to-our-newly-single-nephew/cousin/grandson/brother". That one never gets past awkward. πŸ˜‰

    Maybe we should just start quoting Isaiah: "Sing, O barren woman, you who never bore a child; burst into song, shout for joy, you who were never in labor; because more are the children of the desolate woman than of her who has a husband," says the LORD" — and then bursting out with mad laughter.

    At least it would give them comfort as they walked away with a reason why we aren't married. πŸ˜‰


    P.S. To Jennifer and Julia — I'm still trying to perfect the art of "not looking" while also "getting out there and finding him". Uh huh. Okey doke. That's easy. πŸ˜‰

  • I have no advice for my single friends, and they are all in different places. Some really desire to be married, others are relatively content and have used their singleness to their advantage, getting multiple degrees from prestigious schools, serving in various ways that would be a bit more challenging with a family.

    So I have no advice, but I enjoy your posts and admire you very much and you are a beautiful, funny, intelligent woman. I really appreciate you.

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  • I really love the, “You’ve got so many other things to think about!” along with, “You need to focus on yourself!” while, “You’re too selfish from being alone!” is also in the mix. But my favorite is when women tell you to practice becoming the proverbs 31 woman. Because that’s TOTALLY a man’s ideal…

  • Thanks so much for sharing!
    Tonight I’m thinking about how encouraging it is to know and receive insights from other single, godly women. It’s so important.
    Although I’m “only” in my late twenties, it’s still a daily struggle to encourage myself in the Lord and surround myself with life-producing (as opposed to life-draining) people. There are friends that God has put into my life that speak life into my hopes and dreams (especially in the area of future marriage covenant relationship) and I am beyond grateful.
    It’s been hard to navigate sometimes, but I’m filled with gratitude when I think about the lessons I am able to learn now in friendships, other relationships, etc., that I will be able to go into a marriage relationship with. We don’t (necessarily) have to ‘learn the hard way’. That’s been an awesome revelation for me. Let’s keep enjoying the journey!

  • My favorite is the one Jennifer mentioned – "you'll find him when you stop looking for him." Tell me, exactly what am I supposed to do with that one? I mean, practically, how does that even work?

    Or, the whole idea that whatever worked for one couple, must work for another. Because, after all, God writes everyone's story exactly the same.

    Seriously, though, one of the blessings of being single in this 30-something stage of my life is that I am much more sensitive to the ways that we can, albeit unitentionally, wound the people we love through the words that we say. Its a lesson that I hope to never lose, even one day in the future when God fulfills my dreams.
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  • Hey Linds, you don't know me, 6 months ago you followed me out of the blue, don't understand why but i followed you back because you have a cute pic. Since then despite my itchy delete-finger i've kept you on my twitter and read everything you post. Just wanna say thanks for making me smile every day and having such an amazing positive infectious spirit. We're completely opposite and you surely wouldn't like me at all but I wish I had a friend like you IRL! Stay single all you need is the doggie πŸ™‚

    • ummm… @swirral i think girls like to decide these things and being asked out or inquired of is a serious ego boost! MEN DID YOU HEAR THAT? Let us decide. It's really nice, and we promise not to bite.

  • Amy

    My personal favorite has always been: "When you stop looking, it will happen." I especially love that coming from someone who got married right out of college. (And by the way, if we're keeping score, I've been in 9 weddings…)
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  • Debbie Fowler

    So… maybe I'm not addressing the question here, but, why do we have to look at our friends as "married" and "single" (I know, I know… reality is that we either are or aren't). My advise… go up to your friends / aquaintences at that wedding and be happy to see "them" not the "married them" or the "single them". Just be interested in what's going on in their lives… find out how God is moving and working… let that be the heart of your conversation. That's much more interesting.
    Just a thought!

  • Lindsey,

    I am married, but have spent most of my adult life single. I met and married my husband in my mid 30’s and here is my basic assessment: People are just plain stupid. I got the same types of comments as a single person only to discover that I still get stupid comments as a married person. I’d been married about 10 minutes when I started getting, “when are you having children?” Hmm….haven’t even sliced the wedding cake yet…..

    Today, I bless you with Ps. 84:11, ‘no good thing does He withhold from those who walk uprightly.’ Just keep making decisions that please God and He will bless you with everything you need for a joyful, wonderful life.

  • lindsay,

    i can TOTALLY relate to all of this! before i picked back up my blog (thanks to your influence, as well as that of several other bloggers) i totally wrote a similar post on my fb page, which i can’t access right now because they’ve blocked it at work, but i’m sure i can remember some of my favorites…

    of course, like some of your other commenters is, number one is “you’ll find him when you least expect it.” really? because i haven’t been “expecting” it now for, oh, say, this many years.

    i also REALLY love when my friends who got married out of the womb say super-encouraging things to me like, “oh, just you wait. my life didn’t begin until i met ___.” well, then, kill me now.

    {for that matter, i REALLY love when ANY of my friends who got married before the age i am now (32) to offer me ANY advice about being single.}

    to be honest, i’m sure your experience is similar that many (or most) of your friends are married and i love (most of) their husbands to pieces, but…i’m not sure i’ve really encountered many marriages (least of all in the church) who makes me jealous to have that for myself. after dancing through my own parade of fools, i’m PERFECTLY content to be single. do i desire companionship? sure. but i’d rather be alone (with my dog) for the rest of my life than be with the wrong person. i’m so much more available and mobile than i would be with a husband or kids.

    i’m not going to take up any more space on your page. but i’m going to go back and re-post my facebook blog later. this topic totally cracks me up.


    • Lindsey Nobles

      Amen. Amen. Amen.

      • lindsey, i re-posted my facebook blog to my actual blog, citing your page as the inspiration for pulling it out again. hope that's okay! xo

  • oh! i thought of another one… "god's just preparing you". um…really? well, he must have had his work cut out for him seeing as you got married when you were 7 and i'm still single and all. thanks for the encouragement!

    i also really, REALLY love it when i get asked to babysit.

    okay, all for now.

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    • oh man! the preparing you one is wild! or the ones that say "i didn't date for a year, took some time off for just me & my Jesus and then God brought me so & so." Oh my dang, that cracks me up. wow! a whole year! πŸ˜‰
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  • Lindsey,
    This is a great post….
    Let's see if I can recall some of the one's i have received:

    – You are too picky!!! Don't be so picky!! (My thought: I have to have options in order to be picky!!)
    – I don't have any friends who I would set you up with!! (My thought: What does this say about the people who you choose to be friends with?)
    – God must have someone amazing for you if He is making you wait this long!! (My thought: Really? )
    – You have to give a guy a chance!! (My thought: Okay…I can understand this, but with some people you just know this isn't going anywhere.)
    – When you stop looking, you will find him! (My thought: Is that how you met you significant other?)
    – You act like you are already taken…try not to act that way! (My thought: Huh??? Maybe I should just wear a sign–Single and Available–but wait that may mean that I am looking, I can't do that!! Hmm…)
    – You need to put yourself where the guys are…. (My thought: Good thought!! So where exactly would that be….? And isn't that where the other girls are too???)

    I am sure I have heard many more as well…'s always fun! However, I am also grateful that others are always "looking out" for me!!

    Have a great day!!!

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  • All-time favorite: "When you stop looking/caring/wanting a husband so much, that's when God will put him in your life."

    Seriously?…. No really, SERIOUSLY? So when you stop desiring the purpose God has put in your heart, that's when he makes it happen? So if you feel like God's called you to the mission field but the opportunity doesn't present itself, you stop caring and THEN IT HAPPENS? Just like that? Abracadabra!

    Okay, yes, I sound sarcastic and bitter, but I believe God has put the desire to be a wife and mother in my heart with purpose and I cannot find truth in the belief that when I stop wanting those things or caring whether or not I will ever have them, that's when God will accomplish them. How does limiting God to my emotions make sense?
    My recent post What I Want in a Man

    • Lindsey Nobles

      I’ve never thought about it that way. You make a great point!

  • Thanks, Lindsey, for shedding a little light here. As a church girl who was single for 35 years, I'm happy to see someone bucking the culture and being satisfied to attend weddings…or anything else for that matter…without a mate or date. And maybe your post can start a ripple that could influence a tide that will eventually snuff out the "you'll find him when you're not looking" silliness. One can only hope. πŸ™‚

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  • As I was reading your blog entry, Lindsey, it was almost as if you gave me a snapshot of my interactions with family, friends and other loved ones. I'm sure I've received a lot of "helpful" advice on dating and meeting new people, but at the end of the day, I've realized that it is really up to us, as individuals, to decide what's best. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Interesting topic from which many can relate.
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  • When I was single the funny thing I experienced was people in a relationship asking me for advice. Hello? I'm single. Obviously you've got something right that I don't.

    As a happily married man my advice to single people is to "forget the rules". I tried the I Kissed Dating Goodbye and the only result (suprise!!) was no dates which equals no girlfriend. One night I'd had enough and told God, "screw the rules, I give up!!" and two weeks later I met my wife.
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  • Rachel Osteen

    while i will say now that i have a boyfriend i've noticed a significant decrease in the "wisdom" passed on by people at weddings, but prior to that i've been absolutely amazed at some of the things people have said to me over the years. my favorites always go something like this:
    "so, are you married?"
    "no, not yet." (side note: did you have to ask? it's not like i have a ring on)
    "oh…. well how old are you?"
    "i'm 26."
    "oh, well you're still young. you have plenty of time. don't worry about it."
    (well THANK YOU- i was so worried until you said that!!!)

    • Lindsey Nobles

      Imagine the expression they make when you answer with 33;)

  • Ashley W.

    This is hilarious & amazingly true. One of my married friends mother in law actually BOUGHT and MAILED me a book. Finding Mr. Right. I would be GLAD to mail this one on if you want to collect some quality truth nuggets. Please read EXTREME sarcasm. I was mortified. Humiliated. Yeah, not cool. Most of the time this is an issue I feel like single people are just supposed to brush off but a lot of times it really can hurt.

  • I get the internet dating thing a lot.
    The worst though is Christian weddings. especially when they find out you went to Bible college and did not graduate into marriage.

    But ya it sucks going to a wedding single. But also very awkward asking someone on a date to a wedding. That is never good. We almost need to create a website where people can login and post wedding dates that they have to be at and see if anyone is willing to go. Like I will go to this wedding with you if you go to this wedding with me. That type of thing.
    My recent post A Letter To My Mom On Her Birthday

    • Lindsey Nobles

      Not a bad idea πŸ˜‰

  • ashley, my *own* (very, very southern) mother gave *me* "he's just not that into you" AS WELL AS "how to be a lady". um. awesome. thanks, MOM!
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  • Thanks for posting this Lindsey! Your blog and the replies, I have heard them too! It can often feel like I am the "only one" who doesn't have a significant other. And, it is encouraging to know one is not alone in this walk. I am about to turn the big 3.0. in a few weeks and here is a great line I got just the other day. "Well, If you meet the man and marry in the next few years you "might" be able to have a 50th anniversary." WoW! Really? I was so shocked I just walked away. Another great one… I was shopping with a friend and I picked up some carrots pre-packaged in individual bags and my friend (she's married of course) says really loud, "ahh…single people food." I'm sure the look I gave her said it all, but what was really funny was the man and wife walking by…they heard it…stopped in their tracks, gave my friend the same look I did then gave me a wave. One other…this hurt the most…a co-worker preceded to tell me that single people are single because they are full of sin in their life and married people are not. Her words, not mine.

    What this has taught me and is teaching me though….is how to love others when they may not be so loving. A.K.A. during their thoughtless, hurting words. It's not always easy but I have to keep trusting in God and His plan. My heart does desire to come along side a Godly man. I pray that when God answers that prayer that I can use what I have learned about words and their impact and build up those that may be single around me when that time comes.

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    • Lindsey Nobles

      Those are terrible…

    • Speaking of 50th anniversaries, a couple of years ago my Grandpa was talking about how he would have been married 57 years to my Grandma, if she was still living. He swiftly looked at me and said, "if you don't get married soon, you won't even get close to 50 years!" Thanks, Grandpa. Tired of dealing with these kinds of comments, I looked at him and said, "Well, Grandpa, if me getting married is that important to you, I'll marry the next guy I see on the street." He then seemed to understand what his words had implied, apologized, and told me I shouldn't "settle." Sigh.
      My recent post FAIL

  • Kristin

    People really just don't think before they speak sometimes. They are well-intentioned, for the most part, but don't understand how what they are saying really sounds. I can't speak to the single issue, since I did get married right out of college, but I am going on six years of marriage and if I hear one more person ask me when I'm going to start having kids – which really is none of their business – then I might scream.

    • Lindsey Nobles

      Yeah, think that is the go to question for married folks!

  • Hey Lindsey,

    Thanks for your great post. So true. I got married when I was 29, but up until then didn’t date a lot and got a lot of insane comments at social gatherings, many of which have already been mentioned.

    The worst was when I was at the wedding of the son of some neighbors. The groom’s mother grabbed some poor single sap by the arm, dragged him across the reception hall (I saw them coming), threw him down in the empty chair next to me and said, “Talk to Becky, for God’s sake!” and walked away.

    Yup. Can you say awkward? What possible outcome did this woman think could result from this scenario? I told him he need not humor me by sitting there just because he’d been physically forced to. We exchanged a few pointless (un)pleasantries, and he excused himself.

    Painful. Embarrassing. Stupid. That’s why I just keep my mouth shut around my single friends. I know from experience that people don’t want my help or my sympathy or my awkward ideas about how to meet someone. They just want to be treated like the normal person that they are, not a problem that needs to be solved.

    Carry on!


  • chris vonada

    Hi Lindsey,

    hmmm, well, I read this and all the comments thinking I would gleen some really great advice… and yes, it does seem to happen when you're really not looking for it, so just pretent that's the case and see what happens?

    It also seems to have a lot to do with timing. Not ours, but His. I've meet lots of nice ladies recently but there are "just" timing issues (just divorced, just out of a recent bad relationship, second on the list just right behind some other lucky dude, just started a new relationship with mr. "new and exciting.") You get the "just" of it?

    Then there's always the hesitations, the grass is always greener, indecision, and those are from the "nice girls/guys" out there. Never mind the other element.

    I like the friend approach… getting to know each other first as friends and see what happens from there (a form of "I'm really NOT looking for my soulmate").

    Happily Not Looking,

    Chris πŸ™‚
    My recent post Daily Devotionals

  • You may be on to something. πŸ™‚
    My recent post Got Camp

  • Michael Hyatt

    Okay, I am probably guilty of giving you ALL this advice at one time or another. How embarrassing. But it is just because I care!

    And, as the father of five daughters, I can attest to the fact that there is just a shortage of good men!

    • Lindsey Nobles

      You’ve only offered advice when I’ve asked for it! Most of the time you encourage or listen. I love knowing I have you, Gail, and Megan looking out for me!

  • I was married at 26 and loved the advice a women who didn’t get married until she was 40 advice to me.

    Enjoy your singlehood, don’t wish it away. Singleness is a gift too.

    So that’s what I may or may not say to a single friend. Thanks for reminding us in good fun not to be so eager to get a ring on your finger:)

  • mmm…some of my friends and I call it "eTragedy" as opposed to eHarmony

    "I think you're too picky…why dont you approach it like so-and-so" (who by the way has no faith based category whatsoever)

    "well you do live in a small town, what do you expect?"

    "oh you are just so special i just know he's going to amazing and it'll be worth the wait" (uh, mmm, uh…tick tock, rick tock)

  • Probably cuz I was single-again for sooooo long… my heart will always have a really special place for single folks and a huge awareness for how we marrieds can often fail you.

    Some of the advice I received was crazy… some of the comments… the best one probably came from a 22 year old who was commiserating over how "old" she was getting and how "distressed" she was at not having "found the one"… she then looked at me (I was 34) and said…

    "I can't imagine how YOU must feel about being single."

    My recent post Celebrating on the Right Side of the Jordan

  • Great post Lindsey! had me cracking up!

    This is an interesting one for me. My fiance broke up with me just 1 wk after we attended his aunts wedding. I don’t recall any gems that came from that. but upon being newly single I have heard everything from “there are plenty of other guys out there” to “maybe you should call one of your exes & see if they’re interested again.” *facepalm*

  • carrie

    Hilarious. One of my favorite is, "You don't know what's right around the corner." How large is this corner anyway? At a few years older than you, just be glad they are still acting like there is a possibility you might still get married. Oh, another good one is, "My daughter wants to be a mom when she grows up, but it's great that you've chosen your career." I haven't chosen anything, but I thought it would be a good idea to pay the bills. Try and keep a sense of humor about it, because sometimes the comments are maddening. LOL

    • "i haven't chosen anything, but i thought it would be a good idea to pay the bills." carrie, that mess cracked me up. xo
      My recent post people

  • I love this post. My brother gets nagged about not having a girl friend all of the time at our church. Sometimes I think the church is so intent on having everyone go through the steps of life which is get married, have kids, and go to church. Sometimes we don't realize that not everyone is the same as so and so and occasionally they don't need to follow these specific steps to have a full life.

  • Fire me as your friend.

    I promise I won't play match-maker when you visit! Promise.
    My recent post devotionals and taco bell…

    • I really hope you didn't read it that way. I freakin' love your spirit and encouragement. You have never given me advice that was hurtful, or even that I didn't want to hear. You can set me up anytime. But only if you are choosy!

      Hope you and Sarah had a great workout. One of the few times I coveted someone's workout. πŸ™‚

      • don't you like my use of the word "freakin'" wanted you to know how serious i was about this πŸ˜‰

  • Man, does every married person have a handbook that they read these lines from? I agree–it's endearing but it does leave you with the "uhhh…how do you want me to
    respond to you?" I ultimately appreciate it, but it's still can be an awkward encounter.

    Just last night I talked to this guy that was referencing an "older" single woman. He was like, "I just want someone so great for her. She is amazing, she deserves the best." So I said…"Why don't you date her?"


    He realized he was caught…

    I am all for legitimate advice, or legitimate set ups…but please don't patronize and pitty me. That's all I ask. (-:
    My recent post Ask Joy- Should I Dance

  • Lindsey, just hang in there; smile and go on. You know that no amount of advice from anyone is going to change the plan that God has for your life. When the right time and the right person all fit into His plan, you'll know.
    My recent post Going Through The Motions

  • loved this post! i've definitely heard a ton of these… my two favorites though:
    1. three months after my ex-fiance and i ended our engagement i was asked why i wasn't dating yet. seriously? i do laugh now, but at the time it was pretty ridiculous.
    2. why tell me about a godly single man if i happen to be traditional and believe he should pursue me? so glad you think we'd be great together. perhaps you should tell him?
    i agree with many of these posts, it's just made me much more sensitive and i'm REALLY grateful for that. plus, it does give really good stories to tell πŸ™‚

  • i hate this. i feel the sting deeper now that i'm divorced.

    it's as though people don't know what to say other than to ask questions about the next phase of life. when you're single, you're questioned about dating. when you're dating, inevitably you're asked when you're gonna get married. when you're married, it's the barrage of "soooo… when ya havin' kids?" questions.

    seems reflective our entire culture's discontent with just BEING. we always have to be striving for the next thing, even when it comes to seasons of life.

    i'll gladly be your date next time you have to go to a wedding. i can be an awfully good wingman.

  • The phrase I hear most frequently is "you've got plenty of time, honey." By saying that, it's as if people think that I actually don't have plenty of time, but they want to reassure me of that which they are so concerned about.

    One time someone asked me when we were doing my wedding. At the time, I was not even dating anyone? What a thoughtless thing to say. I simply replied, "when I find someone worth marrying," and walked away.

  • I just found your blog, Lindsey, and find you very relatable! Through much of my early 20s, whenever I'd be at a wedding, people would tell me with waggling eyebrows, "you'll be next." Since I wasn't ever dating anyone, I was pretty sure they didn't have the gift of prophecy. And then as I approached 30, those comments have faded away. At Thanksgiving last year, my aunt, who has not dated since marrying my uncle more than 20 years ago, told me I needed to put myself "out there" and go to bars. Let's just say my aunt and I have agreed to disagree.
    My recent post FAIL