Today I’m guest posting over on The Stubborn Servant. I met Nicole Unice through the world blogs and twitter. And when she sent me an email introducing herself further, we realized we had several mutual acquaintances. The world is so small. Nicole asked me to write on the word PLAN. So here’s what I came up with:

Some of my close friends make fun of me because I always have to have a plan.

We’ll bump into each other at a party and they’ll casually mention, “We don’t have much going on. Maybe we could do dinner one night next week? Whatever works for you.” But much to their chagrin I pin them down, “So we’ll do an early dinner next Thursday night?”

I just prefer to have a clear sense of what’s ahead.

Even as a little girl, I had plans. They might have been tentative. But they were plans.

I’d go away to school, meet eclectic friends, date some bad boys, travel to far away countries, and find success in a job I loved. By 28, I’d marry the perfect boy. By 30, I’d have a little girl named Reade. (Geez. I didn’t realize how much detail I’d crafted in my head until I wrote that down. So maybe I’m a little compulsive ;)

But here I sit, 33, single, childless, and learning the hard lesson that we never truly have a clear sense of what’s ahead. (click here to continue reading)

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