Party Tricks

Last Sunday night I was hanging out with some friends. And the evening took a turn for the bizarre and we started sharing our party tricks.

You know “party tricks” right?

The oh-so-random talents that are sure to be crowd-pleasures?







It was so much fun.

And it made me wonder…

What are your go-to party tricks?

I have two.

1. Little known fact about me. I was a Dallas Symphony Orchestra debutante (I know. CRAZY STUFF). And Texas debutantes are known for one thing…their bows, or I should say their Texas Dips. I do mine with the grace of a 34 year-old klutz. It is a site to behold.

2. So you probably have guessed that I enjoy music. A lot. What you probably didn’t know is that one of my favorite things to do is “dramatic interpretation” of songs. Oddly, I’m pretty good at it. So I like to impress people with my live performance to Tiny Dancer.

Your turn…

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Lindsey has a sincere love for her precious dogs Molly and Maisy, a good red wine and the Delta Sky Club.

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  • how have i not seen your texas dip or tiny dancer yet?!?! hello!!!!

  • Ok, first off, we need YouTube of your Tiny Dancer cover.

    Second, my party trick is kind of lame. I can seriously wiggle my nose like that girl from Bewitched. Also, I do a mean Uncle Kracker impersonation.
    My recent post How To Be Annoying On Twitter- Be Me

  • I'm not much of a singer, but I'm pretty good at making up my own "creative" lyrics for existing songs and singing along.
    My recent post If You’re Happy and You Know It

  • I think a video of Tiny Dancer is in order! My go-to tricks are my double-jointed left thumb and I can touch my tongue to my nose and my chin. People are either very impressed or very grossed out.
    My recent post September Somethings

  • Jen

    I don't have a trick, but my brother can shove a…. um… prophylactic…. up his nose, hold one end, and pull the other out his mouth. It looks like he's flossing his face. It's the grossest thing I've ever seen.

  • jondale

    Seems that this post is just begging for a video.

  • i love tiny dancer.
    and i have no party tricks. nary a one.

    needless to say i was not very popular in high school.
    My recent post What I Found When I Wasn’t Looking

  • brandiandboys

    my heel stretch is legendary!!!!! goes back to my cheerleading days!

  • Sara

    I can turn my feet backwards. And walk. Yeah. It's pretty amazing, but not nearly as amazing as your dramatic interpretations.

  • Amy

    I've always been sad that I don't have one. I've tried a few times to develop one, but to no avail. On the other hand, I dominate Trivial Pursuit…

    My recent post Missing the point

  • Sadly, I'm dull.. and boring… and have no tricks. Maybe I should try to learn one? Oh I know, a youtube video from you would be the perfect training aide!!! 😉
    My recent post Hospital vs Home- it is YOUR choice!

  • I can make an origami swan that when you pull the tail, the wings flap!

  • Oh my goodness! Video to follow? yes? please?

    My 80 year old gramma did a headstand in the middle of my mom and step dad's wedding. She outstood a 15 year old boy. it was hilarious… my mother and all of her sisters – of course – were mortified 🙂 I'll never forget it!
    My recent post I See You

  • I knew there was some reason I enjoyed your comments – It must be the sharing of music because I don't have any good party tricks. I play several instruments. Tthe most unrequested is the Didgeradoo. Not the "only" unrequested, but the "most" unrequested.