In A Tweet

Me, in a tweet:

Who are you, in a tweet?

You know the rules, 140 charachters or less.


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Lindsey has a sincere love for her precious dogs Molly and Maisy, a good red wine and the Delta Sky Club. She spends her days (and some nights) laboring to end childhood hunger at Feed the Children and to gather, equip and unleash women at IF:Gathering.

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  • bondChristian

    My father is a pastor, but I'm a Christian anyway. I remind friends to encourage others.
    My recent post 8 lessons bondChristians can swipe from business

    • Lindsey_Nobles

      So good…

  • @TubsWife

    God's Clay Pot; Tub's Wife; 2 Boys' Mom; Grace Needer; Friends' Cheerleader; Desire God's Will – nothing more, nothing less, nothing else!
    My recent post Adoption – our family- Gods family !

  • Kyle Reed

    a 24 year old who thought his identity was his work and is learning that his identity is in God.
    My recent post Music Tuesday- Sleeping at Last

  • patricia

    God worshiper. singlemom. homeschooler. redeemed. world changer. prayer warrior. dream encourager. crazy. funny. a force to be reckoned with

    • Lindsey_Nobles

      Love how your strength shines through in this…

  • kelybreez

    Got a great Father. Am a father (of 6). Husband of 1. Reader/ writer/runner/coach/pastor/church planter. In all those… A LAUGHER.

    • Lindsey_Nobles

      I have never thought of myself as a laugher. I love that. Because there is nothing better than a good laugh.

  • brothertonandrew

    Hillarious with two L's, great cook, queso addict, that loves God and loves people, an eternal optimist that looks for the sun in the clouds

  • desmond

    I am a kind hearted husband and father from a small town in missouri, married the preachers daughter before I knew what a mega church was
    My recent post desmondsa- Reason 4 Your Car Smells- Its haunted by pig farmer poltergeists Conans 20PinetreeAirFresheners Sweepstacular @ http-bitly-an50kt

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  • Tony J Alicea

    I can tell you what I do. I can tell you what I like. But who I am? A son of God. That's my identity.
    My recent post Empty Vessels

  • JanetOber

    Almost died. Almost lost my leg. Now I do what I can, with what I have, where I am. I like books, friends, God, running, good food and wine.
    My recent post Surgery Procedure

  • Tami Heim

    Living to serve, following Jesus, and loving others along the way.

    • Lindsey_Nobles

      Tami, you nailed yours. :) Happy Thanksgiving.

  • mary kathryn tyson

    a still-single 33-year old who has learned the hard way she cannot live without the grace of god.

    p.s. love yours, by the way. so cute.

    My recent post totally random tuesday

  • Lindsey_Nobles

    I love that line in "Restless"…

  • Lindsey_Nobles

    This is amazing. I so want to steal it. Word. For. Word.

  • Ken

    Outside/ Outgoing, confident, witty, perfectionist. Inside/ introvert, hesitant, tongue tied, imperfect. Love God and friends who loves both sides.

  • vickylea

    I am a beautiful, authentic, free, valuable, vivacious, loving woman who creates and inspires wholeness and beauty in myself and others.

  • dominic

    I am a child of God. Passionate. Loving. Sometimes broken. Trying to do His will each day, even as I often fail.

  • Sarah W.

    Single girl. Loves God. Strives to know His will and who He made me to be. Compassionate,loving, growing, serving, ever-changing, His.
    My recent post 24-30- Amarillo by Morning

  • tfdopie

    Partially molded clay on the wheel of life, being made for the purpose of sharing / serving / loving and praising.