I Wish

I am still struggling to find my words. It is quite an interesting predicament I find myself in, because I so wish I could I tell you how dinner with friends and an evening of worship at the Ryman restored my joy. I wish I could tell you how the advent musical reverberating through the pews was  food for my hungry soul. I wish I could tell you how a remarkable group of musicians reminded me that when we chase our God-given dreams He shows up in ways that we could never imagine.

And I wish I could share how pregnant my heart is as I wait the arrival of two dear friends, friends whose shear presence makes me feel more comfortable in my own skin. I wish I could share how their unlikely friendship makes me want to scream from the roof-tops of the unfathomable “wonders of His love.”

And I wish I could put words to the seemingly circular debates battling it out in my heart, my soul, and my head. I wish you could all weigh in, guide my path, and give me clarity on what exactly is good, and right, and just.  But this I know, there are some things that need to be left between me and my God.

What are you wishing for today?

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Lindsey has a sincere love for her precious dogs Molly and Maisy, a good red wine and the Delta Sky Club.

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  • I wish that my son would feel better. I've been home with him for the last 2 days while my wife is taking a vacation in NYC.
    My recent post When I Grow Up

    • Yuck. I'm sorry. I hope he feels better and that you stay well.

  • I love this Lindsey. Pregnant heart? I've been there, am there now. And yes, some things, like Mary, we must ponder.

  • When God is ready you will find your words. I'm still trying to find my words to share something also. Quite a predicament. So happy you will be spending time with your dear friends. As far as what I'm wishing? I'm not quite sure. Have a wonderful Christmas Lindsey!
    My recent post The Laughter of Friends

  • I wish that God will use me more everyday.

  • I wish I had more drive to pursue full-time missions work in full faith of my God. I just don't yet.

    My recent post The Rhythm is Gonna Get You

  • I wish I could go home to Texas and really thrive there.
    My recent post He is the Potter- I am the Clay

  • I hope so too, Jason.

  • I think, by not putting those things into words, you put them into (non)words that we all can relate to and understand.

    I wish for courage and wisdom to speak the truth in love today (and everyday.)
    My recent post What’s Your Internal Script

  • I wish I could just hug you. For serious. My words have been MIA for months. Everything goes in fits & starts around here these days, including my brain. Good to know I'm not alone.
    My recent post My Favorite Mother-Daughter Picture to Date

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  • I think you just managed to speak straight from the heart in a few simple, but packed, words…and it conveys the message perfectly!

    I wish I could have a few moments of restful and reflective nothingness. This season has been way too busy!

  • Right now I wish I could realize what is about yo happen in a couple of days. I wish I snapp outof this weird trance and realize that love is happening all around me and all I need to do is open my eyes to it
    My recent post Do you feel like you lost your hearing aid

  • I'm not sure what to say to encourage you, other than a big fat I HEAR YA.

    I've had some things on my mind that I've wanted to share for months now, with no words to put to paper (or blog) about it.

    Battles between heart, soul and head? Check.

    I hope it's a comfort to you to know that others (including other commenters) are in the same position. And we will rejoice the day the block dissolves and words come out.

    What am I wishing for? Peace. In my heart, in my soul and in my head. It's been a rough fall.
    My recent post Psalm 42

  • Chrystie

    I wish…I could go and see the show all over again. I hate that I will have to wait until next year. It was an amazing concert and I have a new favorite artist – Jason Gray. Oh my! His song, "I Am New" tore me up before he even started singing it…just hearing him introduce it brought me to tears. I hope you have a great Christmas!!
    My recent post Engaged By The Word

  • Sarah Markley

    i'm just now reading this. you know how much i love you??

    you make me a better person. miss you.

    • i do know. 🙂

      i wish you lived closer…like next door.