To a Future That is Wonderfully Unfathomable

I rang in New Years with six friends who I love like family. Six friends who have invested time and energy into my life. Six friends who inspire me to dream big, love boldly, and live faithfully. Six friends who were not even on my radar this time last year.

Yep, that’s right. I wasn’t even aware of their existence this time last year. And now they are like family, my West coast family.

As I looked around the table and toasted the end of 2010 and the beginning of 2011, I was struck by something huge. (Or at least huge for me.)

As hard as I try, as creatively as dream, I can not even begin to imagine what God has in store for me tomorrow, next week, or next year.

I know that there will be strangers who become friends, and friends who will become strangers. I know that there will be sadness and joy, love and heartbreak, death and new life. But I can’t begin to imagine the possibility that is in store.

So, here’s to 2011 and to a God who is weaving together a beautiful story that is simply and wonderfully unfathomable!

Sarah, Chad, Bianca, Matt, Jeremiah, and Jacky…thank you for reminding me that God shows up in ways we can never predict. Love you much!

Are you like me, always trying to picture what’s next? How has God surprised you lately?

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Lindsey has a sincere love for her precious dogs Molly and Maisy, a good red wine and the Delta Sky Club.

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  • Jacky

    Lindsey, we must have been thinking the same thing at the same moment because all of a sudden I was surrounded by amazing friends, a new family! We are equally blessed to have you as a part of our lives. To life, new frienships & many more New Years celebrations!

    • Happy Birthday!!!! Sad I missed ALL the celebrations.

  • Melissa

    I think this is so cool! 🙂 I love how God works in our lives, it truly is wonderfully unfathomable! Hope 2011 is full of much more than you could ever think or imagine!
    My recent post Living out Sacrifice

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  • I was just talking with Chad tonight how I am sure that my life at the end of 2011 will look vastly different than my life at the beginning of 2011.

    And I'm beyond excited.

    i'm so glad that we are a part of each other's lives. love you girl.

  • Sarah Markley

    oh and i hope that i won't be one of the friends who become strangers…
    My recent post A Tiny Break in the Break

  • I love this Lindsey- truly brought tears to my eyes. My hubby and I are going through some huge transitions away from people and places (and maybe even a city) that we have been tied to for a very long time.

    We are trying to remain trusting and faithful that these transitions are needed, and that even though it can feel like we are losing everything we need to hold out hope for what God has in store for us that we can't quite see just yet.

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    • Lindsey, that is tough. saying a prayer for you both.

  • I wouldn't have had it any other way. I love you to bits and pieces.
    My recent post rejection- failure- and chocolate…

  • Yes, always trying to do this.
    The crazy thing is I try to do this because I am never right.
    I did the same this new year, reflecting back on where I am at, all that I have done in 2010. Its crazy to see that the beginning of 2010 I had no clue that I would be doing what I am doing now. I love that. I have started to let go of control because God has such bigger things planned then I can predict.
    My recent post Do You Want More

  • kfsullivan

    Just the same…My best friend from 25 years ago has reentered my life, come and stayed close. I have met friends from far away that seem as family, except closer, in ways that matter particularly to me.

    It is so amazing what the changes born of God in just one year can bring. How can hope not grow in the ground of such understanding?

  • this just makes me smile so big. for so many reasons.

  • God has definitely surprised me lately.

    My wife just got an incredible job (with great pay) with the perfect hours that she wanted. God is good!
    My recent post God wants our character to be His character

  • What a great reminder to slow down or as my #2011OneWord suggests to “Pause” then take the time to connect the dots laid out and see the picture God is painting in our lives.

    • yes, we definitely need time to reflect or the beautiful picture gets lost on us…

  • God surprised me with this entire last year- He orchestrated my move to Nashville, my dream job, this new circle of friends. It's not all perfect but it is perfectly His plan. I wish I could see how He's going to use a few things or whether certain dreams will become reality but I honestly have no idea what will happen in 2011.
    My recent post 31 Things- The Reckoning

  • scarletcordministries

    I am always trying to see what God has next in store for me, but in the end realize that the anticipation of not knowing is what was best for me.
    I realized this the other day when I actually took a look at the students who go to my school. This past year I have been looking for girls who have never seen the love that God has offered him. The catch is that I looked in every other place but my school. Of course, God has his special way of pointing out these girls so where I can no longer ignore their pain.

  • idelette

    I'll toast to that! But I have to say, I have lived the opposite way–mostly flying be the seat of my pants and loving the thrill and excitement of God showing up in big, beautiful ways around my corners. But I'm having to change in the opposite direction–I'm learning to plan. Yes, I said it. So, this year I look forward to God showing up gloriously in and outside the margins of my life.
    My recent post My One Word for 2011

  • Wow…incredible, Lindsey! What a sweet picture of life all rolled up into a year. It's so easy to become blind to how God is working in our lives on a daily basis – this is a great reminder of how amazing his love is for us. Great post!

  • God surprised me yesterday by giving me a chance to see how He's grown me. When I reacted in a manner that was completely unlike how I would have reacted a year ago it made both my wife and I stop mid conversation and just stare at each other. I have no idea what God is going to do with me but I'm finding it easier to trust when I see what He's already done to lay foundation for the unknown future.
    My recent post Day 10- The simple blessing of growth