Deconstructing Idea Camp, Part 1

Making my way towards California for Catalyst West and have finally found the first quiet time to begin to process, to deconstruct, everything I took in at Idea Camp: Orphan Care. What an incredible couple of days. I’m so glad I followed God’s nudging and ventured out to Northwest Arkansas (which surprisingly is a pretty incredible place).

I stayed with Amber and Seth Haines because they offered, and I have learned my favorite part of traveling and attending conferences is the relationships I bring home with me.  There is no better way to get to KNOW friends than being fully immersed in their lives. I loved waking up each morning and to non-stop questions from the 3 Haines boys. It took about a minute for them to steal my heart. Sadly the answer to “Lindsey, do you know what?” and “did you know?” always seemed to be “no.” But I left Saturday well-versed in all things Star Wars, Shrek 3, and even learned the difference between dying and “passing away”. You can’t get that kind of knowledge at a hotel!

And the conference, well, the conference was thought-provoking, mind-blowing, and perfectly overwhelming.

I went in looking for answers. (I always go in looking for answers.)

What are the different ways individuals can get involved with Orphan Care?

How can God use me to make a difference?

And even…Could I, should I, adopt a child…someday?

But left knowing only one thing for sure.

Conferences are not the place to go looking for answers. They are the place to go to encounter new people, to explore new ideas, and to stretch your preconceived notions.

When in search of answers, I need to look inside myself and to God and reconnect with who I am and where God is leading me.

In one rare moment of quiet and clarity, I heard God say, “Do the work. Figure it out. It’s all there. Dig for it.”

So that’s where I am.

Working, figuring, digging.

Are you like me and tend to look anywhere, everywhere, for answers that only God holds?

And for those who are interested in learning more about orphan care, tomorrow I will share my thoughts on what I heard from the experts who are in the trenches caring for orphans.



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Lindsey has a sincere love for her precious dogs Molly and Maisy, a good red wine and the Delta Sky Club.

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  • Lindsey! You make me giggle out loud. I’m beyond myself that we got that amazing time with you – and that you were the gracious one to hear us verbally process this emotional whirlwind.

    I woke again this morning way too early, thinking about it all.

    Can’t wait to read tomorrow’s post. Thanks for loving on my boys.

    We do indeed love you and your Noble-isms.

  • I’ve been jealous of you, because you get to go to all of the cool conferences. CatWest is less than an hour from my house, and I am not going; have never gone. My kids, schedule and life all are not conference-friendly right now. And you just hit the nail on the head for why I want to go: answers.

    What you said so encouraged me today, because although my life is not conference-friendly it is God-friendly. I have a mentor, speaker, expert who is right here with me; by my side day and night. Thank you for reminding me that I need to dig in and find the answers from Him.

    That being said, enjoy CatWest and I’m still jealous…just of the relationships now. 🙂

  • Excited to hear your insights from the conference. We’re a full house kid-wise, but I still feel a pull toward the topic of adoption. I wonder often how I can be most useful? I used to dream of starting an orphanage, and my daughters line the stairs with their baby dolls when they play a similar imaginary game. Also, my WIP is about a single woman who pursues international adoption, so I’m especially interested in your perspective!

  • Anonymous

    As a father of two growing boys…I can relate to the tales of Star Wars and Shrek – made me laugh! I appreciate your heart for orphans, Lindsey. Pretty cool to read about where God is leading you on that journey.

    I do tend to look in many places for one – single, glowing response from God. It’s during this time that the spirit reminds me that I just need to look vertical. Yesterday, I was struggling with an aspect of my job, not feeling productive. I texted some friends – got some feedback, read a few quotes by Seth Godin. As I drove home I heard: “You don’t need to be productive right now, just learn”. Yep…the still, quiet voice always centers me back to where I should have been all along.

  • Looking forward to tomorrow (I’ve processed it from a dad perspective, but haven’t sat down from my “me” perspective, if that makes sense). I definitely look for answers in all the wrong places. I had a conversation Saturday at lunch about how, after a day and a half, I had significantly more questions than what I originally came with. What an incredible 2 days. So glad we got to meet! (oh wait)

  • @chrismarlow

    Thanks so much for investing in !C//Orphan. Enjoy #catwest. Wish I was going…

  • So excited to see what God is going to do through you and even the people who read this post. I pray that more people open their eyes to James 1:27 and explore what their role is in carrying out what we have been called to as a community. We have been called to adopt from China and are in the middle of that process. Others may have been called to support those who were called to adopt financially and some may be called to go and work in orphanages either on a short or long term basis. Everyone can pray. ALL are important and needed. We couldn’t adopt if it weren’t for those who were called to financially support us or the ones praying for us or even the ones that have gone before us on this journey. We wouldn’t have considered adoption if we hadn’t worked in an orphanage on a short term mission trip. May there be more awareness and eyes opened…all for God’s glory!!

  • Much of the digging occurs without us every completely knowing or understanding where it will take us.

  • Awesome post. Thank you for this, I needed to hear it. Hope to meet you at Catalyst this week!

  • I’m a little late reading this, but I couldn’t help but comment. I am SO bad about looking for answers in ALL the wrong places…good places…but wrong places (if that makes any sense). And far too often my “answer” from the Lord is exactly. the. same.: “Return to MY Word – the only Word that matters – and the rest will follow.” I think maybe I have a trust issue with that answer…but He hasn’t failed me yet!

    I hope and pray the Lord allows me to adopt someday (and praying that I end up with a husband who has the same desire); such a beautiful adventure! Can’t wait to hear more of your thoughts on the subject.

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