Staying The Course…

I have realized something about myself. I don’t do well when I get behind. To be more accurate, if I am not leading or running with the pack, I seem to lose interest, fall further back…and quit.

Whether its something important like working through a Bible reading plan or something meaningless like playing a Words with Friends game, the urge is always the same. When the gap between where I am and where I should be gets too sizable, I have this haunting inclination to walk away.

Most recently I have noticed this with my half-marathon training and fundraising. (Did you remember I am supposed to run a half marathon with Team Compassion in San Diego on June 5? If you did, it’s not because you have heard me talk about it.) My training, well, it’s been pathetic. While I have been exercising, I have not done one long run. And my fundraising is not going any better. As I write this post, I have only raised $5. I know, I said it first, pa-the-tic.

Every fiber in my being is wanting to find a good excuse of why I can’t be in San Diego that weekend. Every fiber in my being is wanting to quit.

But I won’t let myself. I will stay the course and finish the race. Because sometimes it is not all about how you cross the finish line but that you cross the finish line.

Do you struggle with this? How do you keep yourself motivated to stay the course?

Would you consider donating to Team Compassion on my behalf? It is an incredible cause. And they deserve more than the measly $5 I have raised 🙂


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Lindsey has a sincere love for her precious dogs Molly and Maisy, a good red wine and the Delta Sky Club.

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  • Grace Houle

    I def. have moments and days like this. I like the line, “sometimes it is not about how you cross the finish line, but that you cross the finish line.” It is good motivation not to be so discouraged, about all the past mistakes, but continue to look forward to the goal. My goal is Christ, so when i feel I am pulling my feet through quick sand, i will try to stay focused. Remember I am forgiven, and press forward.

  • lauren

    no quitting miss lindsey! so not allowed!! can’t wait to hug your neck IN san diego on june 5th 🙂

  • Yes! Oh my gosh – its the gap that kills my motivation. When my “Achiever” (Strengths finders) feels like it isn’t achieving, I feel like a big fat failure. Then I convince myself I am. Sigh. I so get it.

  • Thankfully it is not about how you cross, because that part might be really sad.

  • Anonymous

    Stay with it Lindsey! I trust your reason for doing the marathon is bigger than you, stay focused on that.

    I typically get lost because I lose clarity or vision as to why I was doing something in the first place. Information overload. Then – reset my vision, pray, and seek counsel from those I trust.

  • Not only do I understand, but I feel like I’m in the middle of it… I started out really strong this year: running, reading my Bible, working on me… then the first 3 weeks of allergy season hit!! I’ve fallen behind on my reading (and it’s a read the Bible in a year plan) and my running. I’m running a 5k on May 7, and I haven’t hit the streets in weeks. When this happens, I think that, mentally, I’d rather chalk it up to failure than pull from behind. I’m HOPING to get to the gym tonight!!

    • You don’t want to know how far behind I am on my read the Bible in a year plan. I have issues 🙂

  • You can do it, Lindsey. Now you’ve said it, so you will! I did the full marathon in San Diego 10 years ago. I was 50 pounds overweight, always behind the others in my group of 15, and offered a bus ride to the finish-line by a marathon helper at mile 20! BUT – I met my goal and praise God for carrying me through the training and the day itself. May you be blessed as you persevere. Romans 5:3-5 & Phil 3:12-15.

    • That is awesome. Thank you for sharing your story. It will stick with me.

  • Jennifer

    Lindsey – Get an audio Bible, then you’ll be forced to go for long runs just so you can catch up on your Bible reading plan. 😉

  • Lindsey, I think you’ve hit on a pretty common frustration. I often will have the feeling of “what’s the use?” when I realize things aren’t progressing as wanted or planned. Somehow we think we’re letting ourselves down when in reality it’s our true emotion that we’re letting others down when we give up. But having an outsider’s perspective, helps relieve that angst. We are our own worst critics and when you consider all those who are cheering you on who don’t even consider giving whatever “it” is a try, you’ll find yourself actually miles ahead, no pun intended, of those you imagine letting down. Have fun getting there… we have a saying around here… “Measurable progress over reasonable time.” I’ll be cheering from afar regardless the time and distance as long as you’re moving forward!