I Heart Portland

I am settling back in at home after taking a few days to attend the Q Conference . Each year Gabe Lyons and his team pick a different city to host “Q” and this year we were in Portland.

And I know three things.

One, I’m exhausted.

Two, my head is spinning from all the ideas I heard… and people I met.

And three, I heart Portland.

Here are a few reasons’s way:

I love Stumptown Coffee.

I love Powell’s Bookstore.

I love Little Big Burger.

I love how stunning and walkable the city is.

I love Multnomah Falls.

I love Baby Norman… in plaid.

I love Jam on Hawthorne and their ridiculously delicious brunch.

I love Olympic Provisions.

(And watching LV Hanson decide the vegan lifestyle is not in fact for him.)

I love Imago Dei and their beautiful stripped down worship experience.

I even love Mount Tabor.

(I just wish someone had told me to wear different shoes.)

But most of all I love the people I got to experience Portland with.

Do you heart Portland? What do you love most about it?

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Lindsey has a sincere love for her precious dogs Molly and Maisy, a good red wine and the Delta Sky Club.

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  • Anonymous

    I heart Portland. I love the city and all the culture. I love that you can be who you are and no one even blinks an eye. That was always the hardest part of the south for me…the keeping up with the Jones’ mentality. I also heart Stumptown and Powell’s. Did you get to try Voodoo while you were here?

    • Lindseynobles

      I didn’t get to try the Voodoo Donuts. Guess I’ll have to come back?

      • Anonymous

        Darn, I guess so. 😉

  • bethanyplanton

    I have not been to Portland, but it is definitely on my list of cities to visit especially after reading all these wonderful things you have to say about it!

  • Glad to hear you had such a great trip. Seattle isn’t so bad either. 🙂

  • Looks like you had an amazing time. I heart Portland too. Heading there in August and I can’t wait. Hope to take a walk through that big ole wonderful bookstore. Lot’s of memories in that city. All Good.

  • Joy Eggerichs

    That’s funny…I heart Portland & Q for all the same reasons as you! (That just rhymed—maybe I AM a writer. (-:) Loved this.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for being such a stellar tour guide…or actually, just thanks for hanging with us yahoos.

  • Jam. That place was the jam! I’m totally craving this now…

  • There are lots of reasons to love Portland, including everything you said. It’s always funny to me when people call Tabor a “hike” but guess with those shoes it probably was 🙂

    It was great to meet you.

  • There are lots of reasons to love Portland, including everything you said. It’s always funny to me when people call Tabor a “hike” but guess with those shoes it probably was 🙂

    It was great to meet you.

    • Anonymous

      You sound like Joy…

  • i wish i did. But have never been there.

    One day I will change that and visit the city and my friend Tyler Braun.

  • Sharon O

    I live in the Portland metro ‘outskirts’ about an hour away. The nice part about Portland is this: you can be at the beach, the mountains or the river in less than an hour or two drive. (depending on where you live) Yes we do have rain but that makes our green so pretty. The rural countrysides are wonderful and even as a big city basically it is clean and organized and not hard to navigate around. (although I personally do not drive in Portland) The coast is awesome as is our ‘grand old Mount Hood’. The vineyard industry is sprouting up every where. It is a great place.

    • Anonymous

      I was sad we didn’t make it to the beach. I’ve heard great things.

  • tam

    Portland is easy to fall in love with. Glad you both got to meet.

    • Anonymous

      Wish you’d been there to help us through any initial awkward pauses…

  • Hey Lindsey! It’s funny…I actually left Portland to come back to Nashville on April 25th, so we switched places. My friend and I did a lot of the same things you did (Powell’s, Multnomah Falls, Stumptown). We also had a fabulous brunch at Mother’s Bistro on Stark and had a really fun experience at the Living Room Theaters. I totally loved Portland as well! I can’t wait to go back and try some of the other places you mentioned. Hope you are well!

  • I do love it. And I’m glad you love it, too. Come back soon! 🙂

  • I’ve never been to Portland, but after seeing it here, I can’t wait to visit. I’m already craving a Little Big Burger!

  • Glen Alan Woods

    I am a long time resident of the Portland area. Did you get to see the other falls as well? I especially love going up to Crown Point up above the falls on Larch Mountain. And then there is the hike to the top of Larch Mountain. From there you have a 360 view of the Cascade Mountains with five peaks visible without a telescope. Of course, there is the underground tour of Portland, too… Glad you enjoyed your time here!

  • For me, you made Portland like a sister city, Lindsey…
    *Thank you.*

  • Thanks for the pictures from Portland! I have got to know about it from here in India.

  • This helps me! I’m going to The Storyline Conference in a few weeks and well be there for several days before with my wife. Lots of great ideas of places to go! Are you going to the conference?