Make It Easy

I have one very simple but important piece of advice for anyone who wants, or needs, help…

Make it easy on the person that you want, or need, help from.

I know it sounds silly, obvious even. But you would be shocked at how often I get requests for help where all the onus is put me…the person that they want, or need, help from.

I get requests to meet someone for lunch or coffee that necessitate me going miles out of my way.  I get requests to blog or tweet about something without all the necessary reference information compiled in one easy to navigate email. And I even get requests for information or advice where after I spend time giving them a thorough answer over the phone, I’m asked to email them an abbreviated summary.

Every time it happens I want to knock them on the side of the head and yell, “You want MY help? Then WHY are you making this so hard on ME?” But since I am a people pleasing type of person, I usually just sigh an exasperated sigh, get over myself, and get on with helping them.

Now I know I am guilty of this too.

But I am learning to stop and ask the questions, “How can I make it easy for ______ to help me? What information should I include for ________ to best assist me? And what obstacles can I eliminate that might get in the way from ________  coming to my aid? ” before I extend myself and make the ask.

Next time you want help from me, or anyone else, think through how you can make it easy on the person who is sacrificing their time and energy to go out of their way for you.


Thank you.

{Steps off soapbox.}

Has anyone asked you for help lately but made it hard for you to help them? Or you have asked someone for help but not made it easy?



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  • there is NO WAY this wasn’t triggered by me.  send magazines back asap. no corn love for you. (-;

    • you actually did it right….because you are a unicorn-loving genius. 🙂

      • And if we didn’t say thank you enough…Thank you. Corn love is back. 

  • Anonymous

    ((((((Standing Ovation from Southeast Georgia))))))

  • Bnorman

    Great post, Linds. So true.

  • I work in a customer service oriented group and this is a daily occurrence for me. If people want help they shouldn’t make it like trying to pull teeth. It’s less painful for everyone.

  • This is real good Lindsey — I have made the decision long ago that if its not easy for me to help someone who asks me, I wont do it.  Its pretty freeing actually.

  • Oh mercy me. I know this is how you helped me in trying to process my next steps for work. 

    You’re the bestest.

  • Lindsey, my team provides customer service (we call it member experience) for a daily deals website.  We get calls and emails from people needing help every day.  We work really hard to make sure that in the process of helping our members we make it as easy as possible for them.  We don’t ask them to do things that we could do for them.

    I hate it when a customer service rep asks me to do something that will take my time and effort when they could do it easily for me.  We strive to make it as easy as possible for our members when they interact with us.

    Great advice!  Thanks.

  • no comment 

    • haha! i thought about you when i was writing this post…i’m sorry i’ve made it hard for you. i am ready to make it easy when you are ready to help 😀

      • ha, well you have helped and now we have made it easy

  • So I was sailing my little leisure yacht right along in life until you had to disturb the waters with a thought-provoking post. Good advice. I hope I’ve made it easy for you to help out at Thomas Nelson when you’ve sent those books out in the past. No matter the answer, thanks!

  • kjvault

    I’m actually just reading this post a few days late as I catch up on some blogs over the weekend, but I love this blog! As a fellow people pleaser, I have a hard time saying no but would love if we could all (myself included) incorporate such a novel concept! Thank you!

  • Cintia

    great post!

  • amen, btw, i have a favor to ask…