Giving Gifts That Give Back

Three months ago, I joined Project 7 as the Director of Community. It’s been a wild ride (In October, Project 7 Save the Earth Fresh Mint Gum and Feed the Hungry Peppermint Mints hit the shelves at 1,500+ Walmart stores.) and we’re just getting started!

It’s incredible knowing that for every product we sell tangible good is being done in the world.

Feed the Hungry products provide 7 meals in US communities.
Save the Earth products plant trees back into the earth.
Heal the Sick products provide medical treatments for a person suffering from malaria.
House the Homeless products provide shelter for a day for an orphan.
Hope for Peace products provide a day of counseling for a child of war.
Teach them Well products provide a week of schooling for a child in Africa.
Quench the Thirsty products provide clean water for a person for a year.

This holiday, as you pull together gifts for your loved ones, I’d love to encourage you to give products that give back. That way you’re giving not just one gift, but two. Not just products from Project 7 (although our gum, mints, and frac packs are the perfect filler for any stocking), but also from other great organizations like Krochet Kids, TOMS, 31 Bits, etc. Every purchase can make a difference!

Also, please consider blogging, tweeting or Facebooking to spread the word about Project 7 and other products for good?

Check out the Project 7 online store and don’t miss our holiday assortment.

What gifts that give back on your holiday list this year? 

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  • This is kind of funny, but I asked my parents to make our family gift a gum ball machine. A REAL gum ball machine. Then the kids (we) can pay for our gum balls all year and at the end of the year, we will donate the money. 🙂