11 Learnings From 2011

I know. I know. I am a little early to the party with this one.

But inspiration struck as I drove home tonight, and since inspiration has been MIA lately I thought we’d take it and run with it.

Here we go. 11 lessons that I learned, a few the hard way, in 2011:

1. ‘Cold’ is relative. Somehow the 40s really do feel quite unbearable in California. {Thankful we don’t see a lot of them.}

2. A crush is called ‘a crush’ for a darn good reason.

3. When it sounds to good to be true, it probably is.

4. There is something unmistakably lovely and unusual about the fall in the South. College football, brisk mornings, and glorious foliage should not be taken for granted.

5. ‘Ay de mi!’ is a term of exclamation that we learned in Spanish class, but not one that is used by any real Spanish speakers.

6. God is more concerned with who we are becoming than what we are doing. {Pretty sure I have learned this one before and will be learning this one again. It’s a good thing I am surrounded by friends that won’t allow me forget it.}

7. Life is better lived in the company of a great dog.

8. The Pacific Ocean is breathtaking, even when you see it everyday.

9. Moving cross-country creates moments where exuberant joy and poignant grief collide, often leaving you confused and speechless.

10. Friends come in and out of our lives. While it’s hard to see them walk off stage, it is so fun to see what scene they show up in next.

11. Entering our ‘promised land’ is not necessarily the big red bow neatly tying up the end of our story. We will still have to fight combat fear, grieve our past, and learn to stop trying to go at it our way and embrace complete surrender.

 Now it’s your turn. What’s one lesson that you have learned in 2011?  

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Lindsey has a sincere love for her precious dogs Molly and Maisy, a good red wine and the Delta Sky Club.

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  • Your lessons are all good but #7 and #10 especially caught my attention. They are well said/written and captivating.

    Sunday I spent time in church then at a dog park. I thought the conversations I had in both places. Here’s what I figure.  Dog owners at a dog park always talk about their common love for dogs, but Christians at church don’t always talk about their common love for Jesus Christ.

    • Lindsey Nobles

      So true. 

  • I have learned that always being a people pleaser doesn’t pay…especially when trying to do so in ways you aren’t even good at. It just backfires.

    • Lindsey Nobles

      Ugh. But you are so right. 

  • Amy

    I learned that I CAN live without a dishwasher for 6 months.
    I learned I can only live without a stove for 2 weeks.
    I learned that moms are amazing and will give you their spare fridge when yours goes out.
    I learned that it really does go in 3’s.
    I learned that “can I pray for you?” is hard to say, but rewarding to do.

    You learned I can’t just answer the question. You asked for one. Sorry. 🙂

    • Lindsey Nobles

      What is it about 3’s? Such a bizarre phenomenon. 

  • love your list! especially #7–i’m working on getting one! and #11 and #6 tend to be repeats for me too =)

    • Lindsey Nobles

      Gotta admit. I still struggle not having my happy Hallmark movie ending. 

      • ditto…maybe someday? (i decided a good/hilarious name for the dog i want to get would be boaz…. 😉 

  • Amanda

    May I add to #5 the expression “Uf!”?  I have learned that I need God’s grace more than I ever have in my life. And He is faithful to give it.  

    • Lindsey Nobles

      I learn that one a lot too! 

  • I learned I love and need realists in my life. Like you.

    • Lindsey Nobles

      I will be your realist friend anytime 🙂

  • I’ve learned God is still on His throne. Isaiah 6:1 has been a reoccurring verse in my life, and I realized I kept focusing on the first part – the losses. But the second part is important – The Lord is still in control, and He is the only one that can fully minister to us in our trials.

    And yes, oh I identify with you on #7. So happy you and Molly are together again.

    • Lindsey Nobles

      Me too 🙂

  • well said, friend, particularly #’s 4 and 8…:)

    • Lindsey Nobles


  • I’m so with you on #2, #3, #6 and #10.

    I also learned that my gut and intuition are usually right, not always, but usually… and that God gave me the gift of discernment for a dang good reason…

  • Robyn Buxton

    LOVE IT!!!

    I would say one big lesson I learned was….

    Everyone has issues…. always remember this before…. reacting to others. 🙂

  • Lindsey, I stumbled across your blog a few months ago and I love it. I made a big life move from many states away a few years ago, and the transition was hard. I am amazed at the way you’ve been able to put the experience so well into words. love these lessons as well – I feel I’ve learned many of them recently, too.

    • Thanks Ashley. I feel like I have done a  terrible job of putting it into words. And so I haven’t blogged as frequently as I would like. So I really appreciate your encouragement. 

  • This was beautiful.
    You are, friend.

  • These lessons are so encouraging and some fun! I think this year I started my process of really learning how to depend on someone else. I can be pretty head strong. Plus, I was raised to be independent. But when you throw in a husband, perspective has to shift. 🙂 

  • Amaris Kress

    Love these, Lindsey. Thank you!

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