The Soundtrack of My Life

There is something so retrospective about the last days of the year. Any unoccupied moments leave my mind wandering to this time last year.

My hopes. My dreams. My fears. And my expectations. For the holidays. And for the year which laid ahead, and now is quickly turning into history.

Certain scenes while once typical, now seem acutely pivotal, shuffling through my head on repeat.

Casual cups of coffee that changed the course of my days. Conferences that stripped me bare and sent me home overexposed. Conversations that inspired me to leap. And conversations that stole my courage and left me searching for the nearest cocoon.

The moments that have the most significance now are ones that I haven’t shared, or that have only been shared with a handful of dear friends. The actions, and sometimes the emotions, they evoke is the only fodder that is worth divulging.

Embarking on an adventure with close friends. Completing a half marathon. Learning everything I can, and then some, about orphan care. Seeing a counselor. Resigning from a safe and secure job. Cherishing time with my family. Moving across the country.  And scrambling to create some semblance of a well-rounded life in a new time zone.

The rest?

It’s just the stuff that memories are made of. It’s just the stories behind the songs, that compile the soundtrack of my life.

Have you found yourself being retrospective as 2011 comes to a close? Any realizations you want to share?

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Lindsey has a sincere love for her precious dogs Molly and Maisy, a good red wine and the Delta Sky Club.

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  • New Years and my birthday are about six months apart.  I always get a little reflective those two times of year.  Did I achieve anything worthwhile?  Did I become a better person?  Did I lose track of who I am?  Where do I want to go from here?  And most importantly, Where do I feel God is leading me from here?

    I make lists of random things I want to do.  Most fun.  Some serious.  It gives me something to continue to work for throughout the year.

    This year has been one of restoration for me.  From where I’ve been to where I am has been a long and sometimes very painful journey.  I’m so glad He loves us enough to walk through it all over again.

    • Lists are great. Bet they are so fun to look back over and reflect. 

  • Lately, I’ve been asking myself if I’m living my life or if I’m just living life vicariously through others. Am I making a difference or just reading about everyone else making a difference? I want to make sure I’m staying in my current job and city because this is where God wants me and not out of fear of change. At the same time, just because I have the same job in the same city doesn’t mean I have to be stagnant. 

    Here’s to seeking change in 2012!

    •  I so get it. I think we have to be careful and make sure we are living our life offline. Here’s to praying a bold prayer…anything, Lord!

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