7 Reasons You Should Buy Platform

1. Michael Hyatt is the real deal. {I should know I worked for him, like directly for him, for four years.} The real deal. He is smart. He is kind. He is intentional, about the way he lives, and the way he leads. But even more importantly, as it relates to you and why you need to buy his brand spanking new book, Platform, Michael Hyatt knows how to build a platform. And he has the platform to prove it. 

  • 300,000+ unique monthly visitors
  • 123,000+ Twitter followers
  • 92,000+ monthly podcast listeners
  • 70,000+ newsletter subscribers
  • 17,000+ Facebook fans

2. If you buy Platform this week, Michael Hyatt is going to throw in $375.98 in additional resources. You’ll get not just this practical and useful must-read, but also:

  • Platform Video Jumpstart (a $179.00 six-session video series)
  • Why Now Is the Best Time Ever to Be an Author (a $47.00 one-session video)
  • How to Write a Winning Book Proposal (a $47.00, two-session audio series)
  • Writing a Winning Non-Fiction Book Proposal (a $19.97 e-book)
  • Writing a Winning Fiction Book Proposal (a $19.97 e-book)
  • All the Digital Editions of Platform (a $38.06 collection of the Kindle, Nook, iPad, and PDF formats)
  • Audio Edition of Platform (a $24.99 audio edition of the entire book)

3. Because Bob Goff recommends it.

“This isn’t just a book, it’s a flatbed truck full of construction materials which just backed up to your door. Michael Hyatt doesn’t just give us a pile of wood, a bag of concrete, some nails and tell us to start building. He gives us a set of plans that have worked for him and he gives us practical and insightful ideas in this book about how we can build some scaffolding around our dreams.”
–BOB GOFF, Author of Love Does: Discover a Secretly Incredible Life in an Ordinary World

4. Because Donald Miller recommends it.

“Michael Hyatt has given much of his professional career to helping others achieve their potential. And he helps others by pioneering a way and then teaching people his way. In Platform, he’s accumulated the best of his counsel and advice. If you’d like to expand your influence, read Platform and then read it again.”
–DONALD MILLERNew York Times Bestselling Author of A Million Miles in a Thousand Years and Blue Like Jazz

5. Because Dave Ramsey recommends it.

“I’ve known Michael Hyatt for more than a decade, and during that time I’ve seen him master just about every social media platform that’s hit the scene. He’s used blogging, Facebook, Twitter and more to expand his personal platform from a successful book publisher to a leading national brand of his own. Trust me, this guy knows what he’s talking about—so pay attention!”
–DAVE RAMSEYNew York Times Bestselling Author and Host of The Dave Ramsey Show

6. Because Seth Godin recommends it.

“A generous book from a man who knows what he’s talking about. Michael Hyatt has built a platform, and you can too.”
–SETH GODIN, Author of We Are All Weird

7. Because Chris Brogran recommends it.

“Platform is absolutely essential to delivering value. As a big fan of Michael Hyatt, I’m excited he’s sharing this with you. Your job? Learn about this and implement it. Your success depends on it.
, New York Times Bestselling Author and President of Human Business Works

I bought it today from Amazon with just one click. You can do the same! 

And don’t forget to do it THIS WEEK. And don’t forget to email Michael Hyatt your receipt!

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  • Lindsey, of all the recommendations, yours stands out. “Michael is the real deal” speaks volumes about his character and generous spirit. I’ve already ordered the book and look forward to reading it.

    • lindseynobles

      Hope you enjoy it!

  • Ken

    You forgot, Lindsey Nobles recommends it and Ken Davis recommends it and Gail Hyatt recommends it. (-;

    • lindseynobles

      Yes, well there is always that! 🙂

  • Sarah

    Do you know if I can still email my receipt? Didn’t see a place to do that…