2012: A Recap in Pictures

This year has been a little crazy. So crazy that I haven’t written much. But not so crazy that I can’t recap the highlights. In pictures. I have this crazy tendency to think nothing everything changes, that it all stays the same. So this recap is more for me to see that I have, in fact, done some stuff. But I hope you enjoy it too.

I rang in 2012 in Nashville. (I know. It’s weird. I was just visiting back then.)

Pete and Brandi NYE

Here’s a picture from the evening. Me and one of my favorite pastors and his stunning wife. Love them. So thankful for the message of grace that they continually shout into my life.

Sister Visits

My sister came to California for a long weekend. We had a blast exploring. Restaurants. Museums. Beaches. Friends. They are all better with sister.


Made it back to Nashville for Blissdom. Loved reconnecting with old people. It was on this trip when I knew I had to move back.

Alli and I Tahoe

A trip to Tahoe. Good friends. Good snow. The perfect weekend retreat.


Me and a small team from Project 7 ventured down to Haiti to see the incredible work of Plant with Purpose. Came home with a renewed passion to bring hope to the hopeless and a parasite that took me down for weeks. Bleh.


A year in California gave me an opportunity to enjoy a lifetime of epic sunsets.


If I had a bucket list beach bonfire would have been on it. Along with running into the ocean in the freezing cold with all of my clothes on. Check. Check.


Closing the California chapter meant leaving some extraordinary people. Oh, how I hate the goodbyes.

Moving Back

 Closing the California chapter meant packing up. Oh, how I hate the packing up.

Grand Canyon

Closing the California chapter meant a cross country road trip with a brave friend. Oh, how I love a good road trip. We made a quick pit stop in the Grand Canyon. I was only a little scared that my-klutzy-self was going to trip and fall in.


Meeting the new team. I LOVE working with the FH Artists Program team. They make my life better, they make me better.


A quick trip to the Alabama Gulf Coast with the family.


Lots of family.


My first trip to Africa. Loved seeing the work of Food for the Hungry and traveling with such a fun and talented crew.

Honey's 90th

My grandmother, Honey, turned 90 this year. We celebrated in style.

Figs Visit

Back in the Nashville mix. And love introducing my California friends to all the wonderful things and people Tennessee has to offer.

CP 10th Anniversary

Cross Point celebrated 10 years. Thankful for a church, for a community, where Everyone’s Welcome, Nobody’s Perfect and Anything’s Possible.

Me and Mr Figueroa

Back to Orange County for Resurgence. A great excuse to spend some time with this guy, and his wife, and our crazy lot of friends.


Thanksgiving in Highlands. This is the fabulous moment where the whole family appeared to be sporty. Don’t be deceived folks. It was just a couple of hikes to waterfalls. The impromptu game of post-Thanksgiving lunch football is never going to happen.

Kite Runner

My last trip of the year was to the Dominican Republic. Jeffrey was La Cola’s Kite Runner. His kite was carefully crafted out of plastic bags and piece-mealed string. And the way he had that thing proudly sailing reminded me how God makes incredible things happen with scraps. With broken people just like me.

How was your 2012? What’s are a few highlights?

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  • So fun… and even more fun to watch this journey … thanks for sharing it w/us Lindsey!

  • Awesome!!

  • What a fun look back! I’m personally happy you’re back in Nashville so we can hang out. Looking forward to more get togethers this next year!

  • Ken Davis

    Lindsey, We are so glad that you were a part of our life in 2012 and ecstatic that you will be part of our family circle in 2013. In text short hand………. We love you!

  • brandiandboys

    So happy to have you back in Nashville. Looking forward to 2013!!!

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