Staying The Course…

I have realized something about myself. I don’t do well when I get behind. To be more accurate, if I am not leading or running with the pack, I seem to lose interest, fall further back…and quit. Whether its something important like working through a Bible reading plan or something meaningless like playing a Words with […]

Cyber-Stalking, Compassion Friends & A Giveaway

As soon as I was asked to go to Guatemala with Compassion International last fall, I began cyber-stalking the other bloggers have a better grasp of who would be on the trip. I’m no dummy, I understood that the other bloggers could make or break this experience. Thankfully I already knew, or kind of knew, […]

Still Processing

I woke up this morning in Sunriver, Oregon for the final day of The Building Champions Experience excited about the progress made on my life plan and vision but still struggling to process everything I have experienced over the last two weeks. How does what I saw and experienced in Guatemala fit into my future? […]

But Was It Life-Changing?

I returned from Guatemala late Sunday afternoon. My first stop was the laundry room to erase the undeniable evidence from my trip, the stench of poverty. I showered and went to church. (I can’t tell you how much I love that evening service. I was desperately needing the worship and fellowship.) I grabbed yogurt with […]

Reconciling the Disparity

Today we visited the Guatemala City dump. A place that is 1 square kilometer. A place where 20,000 families reside. A place where the water is unfit for consumption, even by a rat. A place where little girls go missing like discarded baby dolls. A place where vultures circle, searching for something, anything, to prey on. […]

Someone to Love

I’m a little ashamed to admit that there are lonely Sunday afternoons when I want, crave, pray for, someone to love. Lonely Sunday afternoons when I grapple with God. Why haven’t You granted me a husband or kids to pour into? Why haven’t You provided an outlet for my overflowing heart? When will I finally […]

Observations from the Road

After a three-hour delay, the Compassion Guatemala bloggers are finally in flight from Dallas to Guatemala City. (I really love saying the word Guat-e-mala. It might just be my new favorite word.)  I am traveling with new-in-real-life-but-instantly-familiar friends Lisa-Jo, Amanda, Dustin, Patricia and Shaun. And Keely who I have known for…months-that-feel-like-decades. Here are a few […]