I. Miss. This.

I miss Africa. The landscapes. The amazing bloggers I shared the experience with. The children. The smiles. The joy. The opportunity to disturb and disrupt. The puns. The kung-fu moves. The inside jokes.  It has been two months. Eight weeks. Sixty days. Since the FH Bloggers trip were on the ground in Ethiopia. Breaking new […]

This is Ethiopia {Part 2}…

More glimpses into the trip that left us all changed. {Pictures by David Molnar, photographer extraordinaire. Go check out his stuff. Beg him to shoot for you. Grovel. It’s worth it.} Thanks for joining us on the journey!  And…It’s not too late to sponsor a child through Food for the Hungry.   Have you been to Ethiopia? […]

Justice to the Fatherless

About a year and a half ago, I stepped into a journey, a journey of exploration, to learn everything I could about orphan care. I had heard the alarming statistics at Catalyst and felt a tug to be a part of the solution. Whatever that meant.  I just want to know more about what options I […]

This is Ethiopia…

At least the beautiful slice of it I’ve seen this trip. {All pictures by David Molnar, the punniest photographer I know. Dude is pretty talented too. Go check out his stuff. } The Acacia trees. The bumpy van rides that fostered blogger bonding. The only lake you can swim in in Ethiopia, Lake Langano. {The red […]

My Greatest Offering

Today I met a child I sponsor through FH. His name is Kenenisa Negash Bune and he is 7 years old. Kenenisa lives in a rural community named Jido which is located in the Great Rift Valley, a community that because of its erratic rainfall {which we experienced firsthand} is one of the most food insecure […]

A Joyful Expectancy

Disclaimer: This post was written in Johannesburg after our simple travel plans that should have taken us from Nashville to Atlanta to Amsterdam to Addis Ababa got rerouted after delay after delay and we found ourselves making impromptu stops in Accra, Ghana, and Johannesburg, South Africa. Down side…missing a day in Ethiopia with Kristen, Alysa, […]