Let Hope In

The following post is from my pastor and friend, Pete Wilson. I am a huge fan of Pete, his family, and his words. Because well, he’s cool. But mostly because he helped me see that there was hope for me, that we all are broken and in need of healing, and that a church that […]

In Actuality

I’m posting over at Deeper Church today. I so want my life to resemble that of an early church member. Devoted to teaching, fellowship and prayer. Recognizing and doing everything in my power to meet the needs of all. Posturing humility, sincerity and thanksgiving. Praising God and basking in His favor. But I can’t help but […]

Confessions and Realizations From A Blogging Slacker

I have been a blogging slacker. I have all sorts of excuses. Two cross country moves in less than 12 months. New homes {plural}. New jobs {plural} New friends {plural}. New everythings {routines, habits, plans, all that and more}. Real life seemed to demand all of me and life on the internet became seemingly less important. But […]

Arguing With A Dark Shadow

Insecurity. It crept back in. Slowly infiltrating my thoughts and stealing my joy. “You are an outsider,”  it screams. “You are unloved, inconsequentional, and uninvited,” it adds. “If you don’t keep fighting, keep performing, keep overextending yourself, people will forget you,” it confirms my deepest fears. I wrestle with the voices. Argue with this dark shadow […]