Why I Love Just Lead!

I LOVE Jenni’s heart and passion for cultivating women leaders.  I met Jenni Catron several years ago when I started attending Cross Point Church. Back in those days Pete Wilson was still welcoming everyone to the church with hand-written letters. My letter directed me to connect with the church’s executive director, Jenni Catron. And connect […]

On Women…


My friend, hustling creative, and Zondervan author, Sarah Cunningham recently interviewed me on…women. I will let you in on a dirty little secret…. Same sex friendships can be a struggle. Same sex working relationships can be a struggle. Same sex familial relationships can be a struggle. I don’t know what it is about other women, […]

The Company You Keep


Yesterday it struck me how critical it is to walk through life with inspiring friends. EVERY DAY I am inspired by one of my friends. They show me how to love. They encourage me to dream big dreams. They shift my focus from fear and inadequacy to possibility and potential. They are a constant reminder that […]

A Laundry List of Requests

One thing I love about Social Media is that it is an easy what to know what is going in people’s lives (not everything, but certainly the very good and the very bad tend to pop up). So you can kind of keep tabs on what to be praying for. I am sure you already […]