Mission Accomplished

Yesterday I completed the Country Music Half Marathon. To be perfectly honest, I have been ACTIVELY DREADING the race for a couple of weeks. Mostly because I over-committed myself and I was straight-up freaked out about how I was going to feel as I tried to conquer the mountainous (okay, that might be a slight exaggeration) […]

I Am…

Powered by Hope On Saturday, April 24, I will be running (actually it will be more of a jog/walk combo per the Galloway method but who cares about the specifics) the Country Music Half Marathon. This is not my first half marathon and hopefully it will not be my last, but it is important nonetheless. This […]

Drafting Blueprints, Part 2

This is the second post in my “Drafting Blueprints” series. Basically this series in an excuse for me to think through what I want my life to look like, who I want to be, so that I can begin compiling a life plan. In the first post, I admitted I want to get married. So […]

Celebrating Completion

On Saturday, I completed the Country Music Half Marathon. I wish I could say, “On Saturday, I ran the Country Music Half Marathon,” but really there was no running. There was some walking, some trotting, but mostly walking. With about a 10-minute bathroom break, my “chip” time was 3:22. I ran (for lack of a […]

Embracing Discipline

When thinking of adjectives to describe me – responsible, outgoing, and caring might jump to the top of the list, disciplined would not. This is the classic excuse but…discipline is just not something that comes naturally to me. Candidly there have been times when I resented those that exuded discipline. Yes, I said it – […]