That’s Right (You’re Not from Texas)

I have always loved that Lyle Lovett song. See I was born and raised in Texas And it means so much to me Though my girl comes from down in Georgia We were up in Tennessee And as we were driving down the highway She asked me baby what’s so great How come you’re always […]

The Summer of Lindsey

This summer has been A COMPLETE WHIRLWIND. I have been traveling non-stop and loving every minute of it. But I am worn out. And my life and my house are in disarray.  (Seriously can’t remember the last time I changed my sheets. I think it was sometime last week but I’m not quite sure.) With […]

Legacies You Want to Leave Behind

Last Christmas when I was in Texas with my family, we went to this A-MAZ-ING independent bookstore in Plano, Legacy Books. Legacy Books was the kind of bookstore where you get lost in books. You wander around for hours and discovering new authors, exciting adventures, and gourmet recipes. You sip on lattes while browsing through […]