Indulge Me

Can we talk about Glee for a minute? Just for a minute?

Glee Cast

Oh my gosh…it is the cutest thing ever. I watched it for the premiere for the first time last night and fell in love with it. Combining the all-to-identifiable high school angst, a passionate teacher, soulful song and dance combos, a blooming romance, some pitiful underdogs with incredible talent, Glee might just be THE PERFECT TELEVISION SHOW. My cheeks are hurting this morning from all the smiling I did last night as I was glued to the TV.

Here’s the extended trailer:

And I don’t thing words can express how much I love this song:

Have you watched Glee yet? Did you LOVE it too?

If you haven’t seen it, Fox is re-airing the premiere tonight. Set your DVRs!

Well, I may have finally something I can be fanatical about. Researching Glee tattoos as we speak! 😉

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  • Me, too! I love this show!! I can't wait for it to start next week!!!

  • I saw the 1st show several months ago when it first aired and have been dying for it to come back on. Think it just might be my all time favorite show! I am definitely a GLEEK.

    • GLEEK. Maybe now that word which previously had something to do with uncontrollable spit can take on a new meaning? 🙂

  • And you can get some of the music on itunes…makes me so happy!

  • i think you've talked me into dvr'ing it on saturday!

    • @brandiandboys It is tonight. Let me know what you think.

  • I saw it the other night and it made me smile as well…. EXCEPT… it seems to me that he and his (the teacher's) wife aren't doing so well and I really don't like shows/movies where the viewer is WANTING the guy to divorce to experience true love or his "dream life".

    I just like married people to stay married and work things out instead of the "you're better off with someone else that truly loves you" kind of thing.

    BUT who knows what the story line is? Perhaps I'm fearful for nothing.

    • @torybee, They REALLY don't set you up to like his wife. So I hear what you are saying 😉

  • Lindsey,

    I am Gleeful that the show is now official. Giving us just a taste so many months ago was perfect movie marketing and I, too, and now hooked. I agree that this show has the perfect mix. We need Glee parties!

  • Ha! You crack me up…Glee tatoos! The show really is precious! I love it. It is a feel good, smiley kinda show!