Things I Don’t Say Enough

Yesterday, I shared a list of phrases that just seem to pop out of my mouth at any opportune silence.

The phrases below, not so much. I have to be intentional each time I use them. And unfortunately I don’t say them enough.

No. No. No. Noooooooo.

I’m scared.

I need help.

I can’t do it alone.

I love you.

I believe in you.

I am on your team.

It’s all my fault.

I was wrong.

You hurt my feelings.

I’m upset with you because…

You are forgiven.

What are you doing Sunday? You want to come to church?

What’s on your list of things you don’t say enough?

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Lindsey has a sincere love for her precious dogs Molly and Maisy, a good red wine and the Delta Sky Club.

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  • I can relate to this. I rarely, if ever, hear those things outside of my wife or parents. I can't remember the last time someone other than my wife or parents said that they believe in me. So I make a point to tell it to others…I know the value of those encouraging words.

    It's great you realize you don't say those words enough…because I've read you enough to know you'll start saying them more…and your friends will be blessed by it.
    My recent post Anne Rice: I Am Second

  • I have a really hard time telling someone I'm upset with them especially those who aren't the closest of friends or my husband. I tend to keep it inside. Definitely something I'm trying to work on.
    My recent post Art on the Lake at Children's Harbor

  • Great post Lindsey. Thanks for being transparent. I am with you on most, if not every single one of those.
    My recent post The White Horse

  • you're right
    My recent post Friday Favorites: Round 6

  • All the above… Yikes.

  • Great list and I appreciate the thoughts & reflection that went into this post. I think we are raised to believe (especially men) “asking for help” is a sign of weakness, and we end up wallowing in what we are dealing with far too long. One difficult lesson I learned is my pride & ego usually delay asking for help, which ends up diluting the effectiveness of the help I receive because of the wait.

    • I've always thought that I was pretty good at asking for help. Then this Spring I had several friends point out little and big things that I wouldn't let them help with…from lugging around my over-packed backpack to helping me pack after my house was flooded. I need to be better at asking for help and feeling strong when I do it.

  • "What are you doing Sunday? You want to come to church?"

    How are you really?


    I respectfully disagree.

    My recent post It is Finished! Sort of.

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  • My constant words to God are "I have no knowledge, no understanding, and no wisdom…please give me Your knowledge, Your understanding, and Your wisdom. I need Your help!" God is faithful and His love is absolute–perfect, complete, and real!


  • I really can't do this by myself.

    Thank you.

    I remember you in my prayers.

    You are not alone.

    • "You are not alone"…that is a great one. So powerful.

  • hey, it's no big deal. (and i'm not going to yell at your for spilling your cereal again)

    you were right, i totally messed that up. (and i'm not going to blame anyone else for it)

    i am so grateful for you (and my actions are going to back that up)

    My recent post Vows from Another Decade

  • Lindsey,

    I don't get to come by your blog often enough. Keep it up, I love what you write, the thoughts you share and the questions you ask!
    My recent post How to Backup your WordPress Site

  • Side note: I wish I would've thought about posting this! It was awesome.

    My recent post rihanna, fashion fail, and spirituality…

    • Steal the idea…with my permission. In fact I might go scouting your blog for some ideas….

  • this is what i don't say enough:

    "i'm gonna sit down and call lindesy nobles right now."

    =) miss you friend.

    truly what i don't say enough to my kids or my husband:
    My recent post Cards With Friends

    • I know…we need a phone date. STAT. the text messages today didn't cut it.

      things i don't say enough…I'm coming to Orange to see YOU!

  • "I am not okay."

    I should say that much more than I say what usually comes out: "I'm fine."

    I started seeing a counselor last week because I feel like I need some assistance continuing on the journey toward emotional health I started last year. It was so freeing to say that to her in our first session: "I am not okay."
    My recent post Archive Imported from Xanga

    • When people say "fine" to me, I usually say "fine" = "sucks" because it is a word that is only used when people don't want to tell the whole truth. I'm guilty of it too.

  • "God? its tam…."
    My recent post How He Loves