Ahhhh, Relaxation

These days most of my vacations are described one of two ways… as an “exciting adventure” or as some “quality time with friends and family.”

You know the kind? The kind where you set out each morning prepared to conquer the day? The kind where you see how many people, places, and things you can stuff in before time elapses and you suddenly find yourself transported back to the real world? The kind where post-vacation you have to drag yourself out of bed because you are more exhausted than before you left? The kind where the only feasible way to recover from your vacation is another vacation?

But after my crazy Spring, I knew that I needed to try something different. I knew I needed to find a way to put “relaxing” back into my vacation.

So I found one friend, who I knew was as haggard as I, and we snuck off to Rosemary Beach. And shared a glorious, relaxation vacation.

We read.

We lounged.

We explored.

We napped.

We caught up.

We laughed.

We listened to the waves crash.

We reveled in the silence.

We sipped on wine and frozen fruity beverages.

We ate. And ate. And ate some more.

We lived like there was no such thing as email, conference calls, deadlines, or alarm clocks. Or at least we tried to. 😉

Ahhhh, relaxation. Just what the doctor ordered.

What are your vacation plans this summer?

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Lindsey has a sincere love for her precious dogs Molly and Maisy, a good red wine and the Delta Sky Club.

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  • Wish you'd called me! I need this! 😉

  • Alas, the current economy & our family's financial situation have put the kabosh on a real vaca this summer. We'll have to settle for the small things that bring pleasure…like watching the CP Bellevue campus bring a resounding pounding on Blake Bergstrom at the CP picnic this weekend. 🙂
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  • Sounds downright lovely. I had plans to hop on a plane tomorrow afternoon and head to Denver with one of my best friends for a few days away and the U2 show there on Saturday. But alas, Bono injured his back, had emergency surgery and the rest is history, or at least to be rescheduled.
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  • I'm blessed enough to be doing that right now, even though its the middle of winter here in New Zealand.

    My denomination puts on a yearly fellowship for us (Pastors) and its a time to chill, relax in the Word and have fun. What a blessing!
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  • Ahhh, Lindsey. You know how to make a girl jealous! I’ll be spending my summer thinking of how relaxing your vacation was!

    I was feeling like I wouldn’t be getting a break at all this summer. However, if you could pull it off in your busy schedule, I should be able to do so as well. Perhaps I should take a page from your book and find a way to retreat. Thanks for the temptation!

    • You can do it! Just sneak away for a weekend. You don't even have to go anywhere just fall off the map 😉

  • Elizabeth Jones

    I'm in the same boat as Jason…not able to go somewhere 'big' but will take a mini vacation and go up to AR with some other Kappas and see some more friends in the Fayetteville area. Should be a relaxing time and a chance to get away from the city for a bit.
    Glad you could rest, relax and recoup at the beach!

  • We're headed east in a few days. We'll stop in Virginia (for the "culture" part of the trip.) We'll visit Thomas Jefferson's home and see a few other sights. Then we're going down to the outer banks of North Carolina. I haven't been there in years. It's going to be sweet. We did the mini-vaca last year in order to save up for this year. But all in all, it's still a fairly modest budget. Cheap hotels, inexpensive sights to see, and the beach doesn't cost anything!
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    • My sister lives in Raleigh so most of our recent beach vacations have been in North Carolina. I love their beaches. Have a wonderful, RELAXING time!

  • I haven't planned a vacation yet, but a special friend will be visiting California in August 😉 Can't wait to see her face and play match maker!
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    • Don't you have a honeymoon coming up or something fun? I can't wait to come to California. 2 months and 3 days…

  • Oh my goodness that sounds like heaven on earth. I'm going to try and sneak away to the beach in August… wait for it… all by myself. Eek! But I think it's what the doctor is ordering. Until then I'll be spending a week in the Bahamas with an awesome group of teenagers doing some construction and VBS so at least I'll have my tan when I go alone in August 🙂
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  • John and I are finally going on our honeymoon to St. Thomas 🙂 I hope we do a lot of the same… he wants me to leave my crackberry at home for it 🙂 glad you had a great time!
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  • That sounds great! I'm so glad you got a relaxing time away. I went on two trips this spring and both of them were relatively relaxing. I'm not one who really NEEDS to be "entertained" , although those kinds of trips are fun too. I visited relatives outside Nashville in April and just "hung out" while they were in school/at work. Then, late last month, I visited a "blog-friend-turned-real-friend" who was five weeks out from having her third child. So, the older children entertained us, I snuggled the baby, and my friend and I enjoyed late night visits and spending time together running errands and such. Your life seems pretty crazy and it is wonderful to read that you are taking time for yourself to relax and also time to be alone 🙂
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