Just Call Me…Catalyst Freak

I apologize for this brief interruption to the previously scheduled programming. I just had to get something off my chest.

There are very few things I am fanatical about. I guess I am just not wired that way. I appreciate most things in a more sedate way. But over the last year I have found one thing I have “an obsessive enthusiasm” for…Catalyst.

Maybe it is the shear fact that every fall they gather over 12,000 young Christian leaders in Atlanta, GA?

Maybe it is how their conferences entertain me with two days of content from some of the best speakers the world has to offer?

Maybe it is how their resources equip me with sound spiritual and leadership wisdom?

Maybe it is how their team continually introduces me to new thoughts, ideas, and voices?

Maybe it is how Catalyst ALWAYS manages to exceed my expectations?

Regardless, I am ready to admit it. Me = Catalyst freak.

So, naturally I feel compelled to tell you that you don’t want to miss Catalyst Conference this year. It is October 6 through 8 in Atlanta, Georgia. It truly is an experience unlike any other.

This year’s main stage line-up includes Andy Stanley, Seth Godin, TD Jakes, Craig Groeschel, Francis Chan, Beth Moore, Perry Noble and Christine Caine.

And on the 6th, the Catalyst Labs will give you a chance to hear from some of today’s innovative thought leaders like my boss Michael Hyatt, my pastor Pete Wilson, my new favorite leadership guide John Ortberg, and my friend and blogging mentor Anne Jackson.

The best rates on Catalyst tickets end tomorrow (Thursday, June 24th), so register NOW. You can call 888.334.6569 to speak to a Catalyst Concierge, or register online at www.catalystconference.com. Use Rate Code FOB for an additional discount off your ticket price. And as always, Catalyst will sell out so don’t dawdle, register NOW.

So, what do you think? Will you join me in Atlanta this October?

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  • Makeda

    I will be there and hope to get a chance to meet you in person 🙂

  • I hope to be there

  • i would love to go!

  • I meant to tweet yesterday, but forgot. Congrats on being selected for the Catalyst "Young Influencers" list–quite a honor. Keep up the good work! Unfortunately, I won't be able to go to Catalyst in October because I'll be in school, Atlanta is far away, and I can't take the time off that I'd need to attend. Instead, I'll be looking forward to hearing your reports from the conference!

    My recent post #47 THE RETURN OF CHRIST: THE PLOT, PART 2

    • Thanks so much Patricia. I promise to give you a play-by-play!

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  • Definately excited to go back to Catalyst. It's weird because last year was my first time, and it was so good, that I'm a bit skeptical of this year – how could it possibly be as good? I don't know many of these people. Though I didn't know many people last year. But I'm sure it will be a great event. And the Blogger Meetup will be icing on the cake.
    My recent post Best of My Blog: Jesus is My Perfect Girlfriend

    • I have a feeling this year will be even better than last year (which was my first event too.) I'll recognize more faces, feel a little less overwhelmed, and a little more at home. I'll look forward to seeing you there!

  • I understand completely what you mean!!! I am a Catalyst freak as well!!! Hope to see and meet you in August!

  • Ugh.

    Y'all have all the fun on THAT side of the nation.

    One day I'll hit up Catalyst on both coasts 🙂
    My recent post on being american…

    • Bianca, You HAVE to come. Is it a possibility? What if I beg?

  • So I love love loved my experience at Catalyst. Great speakers, music, energy. Great ideas. Inspirational gathering for sure.

    And then I walked out of the ATL arena.

    As I walked to my car, I saw all of the chatckis people were carrying… all of the give aways… all of the "stuff" and my heart combusted.

    Catalyst is SO into helping (I went the year that the Toms guy spoke and they talked all about greening of the world)… BUT yet they give away thousands of dollars in enticements / play things/ etc… To me it was a mixed message.

    Like I said, I love the conference and would love to go back. I just haven't been able to reconcile the fact that all that money could be going to buy Toms shoes or feed a small country… so I haven't gone back. Even though the experience was 2nd to none.

    Maybe its just me? 🙁
    My recent post Trafficking: The Not-So-Subtle Violation of a Person’s Soul

    • Found your comment…don't know why my blog was hiding it! Sorry!

      I struggle with this sort of thing too BUT most of the giveaways are product, resources that people can take back to their churches and organizations. Sure there are some toys. But the toys…well…I think we should be allowed to enjoy our toys. Heck, I just bought a new iphone. And signed on to go to Guatemala with Compassion to see alarming poverty. How do I reconcile those two things? I know that I am giving to God first. Maybe that's not enough? But for me, and where I started, that is a lot!

      Oh, and thank you for expressing your concerns. I appreciate your thoughts.

  • Oy Vey!!! Another “Leadership Conference?” 😉

    Lot’s of “lifting up” of famous “Names,” famous “Speakers,”
    famous “Leaders,” and young wannabee “Famous Leaders.”
    **And NOT one mention of Jesus.** Or depending on Jesus. 🙁 Please forgive us Lord.

    From the Catalyst web site…
    “A powerful convergence of next generation leaders?”
    “Loaded with the high-octane energy of thousands of like-minded leaders?”
    “Pure leadership adrenaline?”
    “The largest gathering of young leaders in the country?”
    “Catalyst is a movement founded in the hearts of young leaders?”

    Maybe I’m a little cranky today, BUT, this sounds ugly familiar.
    This sounds like a bunch of “worldly, over the top, hype.” Mercy Lord…

    Love not the world…
    For all that is in the world, **the lust of the flesh,** and **the lust of the eyes,**
    and **the pride of life,** is not of the Father, but is of the world.
    1John 2:15-16

    Seems Jesus has a different take on “leadership” for the body of Christ.

    Didn’t Jesus, in Mat 23:10 KJV, tell His disciples “NOT” to call themselves
    “master / leaders” for you have “ONE” “master / leader” the Christ?

    Didn’t Jesus say?…

    I receive NOT honour from men…
    …How can ye believe, which **receive honour one of another,**
    and seek not the honour that cometh from God only?
    John 5:41-44

    He that **speaketh of himself** seeketh his own glory…
    John 7:18

    And I seek NOT mine own glory…
    John 8:50

    Jesus answered, **If I honour myself, my honour is nothing:**
    it is my Father that honoureth me; of whom ye say, that he is your God:
    John 8:54

    Most people don’t start out wanting to “steal the glory” that belongs to Jesus.
    They just don’t refuse the glory, when it comes. 😉

    Seems “Catalyst” is giving glory and honor to man, and man is accepting it. Yes?
    Where is the honor, and glory, for Jesus? Where is Jesus being "Lifted up?" So He can draw all?

    Jesus “must” increase. I “must” decrease.

    “Leaders?” Maybe Jesus has a better way? Just NOT man’s way?

    If it lifts up Jesus, rejoice,
    it’s probably “Truth.”

    If it lifts up man, beware,
    it’s probably “deception.”

    Jesus… Our Lord and Our God…

    • Amos,
      I'm not sure I understand where this is coming from. I appreciate what you are fighting for. But this conference truly is filled with pastors who preach, who preach about Jesus. This conference is filled with worship leaders, worshipping Jesus. This conference is filled with speakers, who teach us to lead, to lead like Jesus.
      You should check it out. I think you'd be pleasantly surprised.

  • Lindsey

    Thanks for the response. And the invitation to “Catalyst.” 😉

    This is just a “Heads up” about man’s “Downfall” – 3 G’s – Glory, Gold, and Gals/Guys.
    Seems if one doesn’t get you the other will. Lot’s of pot holes along this journey. Yes?

    IMO – “Leadership” and being called a “Leader,” sounds nice at first, but eventually…
    You will pay a horrible price for thinking you are “Special,” more special then others, “a Leader.”
    Have you checked the stats for “Burnout” for “Pastor/Leaders,” and their families? 🙁

    # 80% of pastors' spouses wish they would choose a different profession.
    # 80% believe pastoral ministry has negatively affected their families.
    …………..Many pastor's children do not attend church now
    ……………because of what the church has done to their parents.
    # 50% of the ministers starting out will not last 5 years.
    # 33% state that being in the ministry is an outright hazard to their family.

    When you’re told, over and over again, you’re the “Next Generation of Leaders”
    That’s flattering. But, He who flatters his neighbor spreads a net for his feet. Pr 29:5.

    #1 reason pastors leave the ministry — Church people are not willing to go
    the same direction and goal of the pastor. Oy Vey!!

    BUT, I’m the “Pastor/Leader,” says so right here on my seminary diploma. See?
    See, 77% of “Pastor/Leaders” say they don’t have a good marriage.
    See, 70% of “Pastor/Leaders” battle depression.

    How exciting is being a “Pastor/Leader” now. There is a price to pay.

    IMO – The offer, to be a “Leader,” to be a “Pastor/Leader,” is a big time “trap.” 🙁
    Jesus told “His Disciples” NOT to be called “Leader.” And NONE did. Hmmm?

    When the people wanted to make Jesus King, “leader of the people,”
    As man, Jesus turned the “Position” down. As God, He was already, King of Kings.

    When Jesus therefore perceived that they would come and take him by force,
    to make him a king, (Greek = basileus = leader of the people)
    he departed again into a mountain himself alone.
    John 6:15

    From the “Catalyst” website…
    “Organizations rise and fall on Leadership?”

    Hmmm? Is that “Truth?”
    Nope. That’s a Lie…

    Doesn’t everything depend on Jesus? The author and finisher of our faith?

    When you believe the lie you start to die…
    “Titles” become “Idols.” Ezek14:1-7

    Can you share your thought’s as you read this?

    What is popular is not always “Truth.”
    What is “Truth” is not always popular.

    Lot’s of thought’s about “Leaders” if you would like to hear more?

    Be blessed in your search for Truth… Jesus.

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