On Turning 34

TODAY is my 34th birthday. I am not sharing this information so that I am sure to receive a slew of “birthday graffiti” on my wall but rather so I can process how I feel about getting ANOTHER YEAR OLDER.

I am fine. Really I am…just fine.

It is just another day. In another year…just another day.

I guess the best way to get comfortable with the oh-so-ugly-and-getting-uglier math is to look at this day as a milestone, to celebrate what was accomplished in the year behind, and to look forward to what lies in the year ahead.

So here’s to 33….

A year of visiting beautiful golf resorts. (In the last 12 months, I visited Pebble Beach, Pine Hurst, Lost Pines, and Sunriver and to think I don’t even golf. Maybe I need to take a lesson or two?)

A year of reading insightful books. (The five with the greatest impact on me were A Million Miles in a Thousand YearsChasing Francis, Crazy Love, Plan B, and The Me I Want to Be.)

A year of attending thought-provoking conferences. (Catalyst, Blissdom, O’Reilly Tools of Change for Publishing, Catalyst West, Q, and The Building Champions Experience…just to name a few. Okay, maybe I am a conference junkie.)

A year of embracing “life-changing” opportunities.

A year of rather random but wonderful routines.

A year of asking tough questions.

A year of unabashedly claiming my dreams and pursuing them.

And a year of cultivating incredibly authentic and energizing friendships.

Friends, you made this year beautiful, absolutely beautiful.

Thank you.

I look forward to spending THIRTY FOUR with you.

How do you do with whole birthday thing?

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Lindsey has a sincere love for her precious dogs Molly and Maisy, a good red wine and the Delta Sky Club.

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  • I’m pretty much with you. To me, my birthday is just another day, but I turn my focus a little more to my parents on those days because I found out a few years ago that it sort of bothered them that I didn’t see it as a huge celebration and something to get excited about. They remember the days leading up to my birth. They remember the day I was born. Etc.

    I do like the idea of summarizing what happened during the year though. May have to try that one.

    • One thing I love about blogging is the way you can look back on what you were doing, what you were thinking…see achievements and growth 🙂

  • amber cullum

    I do, basically what you have done. Each year I sit down and journal about what happened in my life over the last year and a few things I hope to see happen before my next birthday. Oh yeah……..and………….I………..EAT………lots………………of………………..CAKE!!!!!!!!!

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  • First off, happy birthday! When I turned 34 I had been in my first year of university. I had quit my job doing data entry to go to school to become a teacher – something I felt the Lord calling me to do. I'm now 41 (will be 42 in one day shy of 4 months), and finished with school and waiting for a full time job as a teacher – I'm doing supply work now though.

    I had a tough time turning 30 and 35. The other birthdays were really nothing but any ordinary day. It's funny, but I had no real problem turning 40. I have no idea why, but 40 didn't really affect me at all.

    • I actually have really enjoyed my 30s. They are much more comfortable than my 20s were. Aging really is not so bad 🙂

  • dheagle93

    As to visiting great golf courses and not playing golf, it's probably better. If you were a golfer, rather than appreciate the beauty you would either: be frustrated you had no time or money to play or be worried about how well you were playing, plotting shots, angles, and putts. Enjoy the beauty without the mechanics.

    Probably a good thought on anything…drat, now I have to go think about that. And hopefully 34 goes well for you, because I'm there in about 6 months.


  • aw, happy birthday, lindsey! i celebrated 33 last week. i was inspired -actually, by a girl who found my blog through your blog- to create a list of '33 things to do before i turn 34'. simple things, really, but it outlines the life of adventure and purpose and the interesting that i hope i can look back and say i had.

    cheers to you, friend. hope this day -and this year- is full of magic and sparkles and all things good and right for you.

    My recent post a little bit of extra-crazy

  • I hit the same milestone this year. I realized that next year when I hit 35, I'll be closer to 40 than 30… closer to 50 than 20.

    I know, I know. Glass half empty right? Oh well, Happy birthday! I'm sure we will cope.

    -Christian Lee http://christianleelive.com

  • Jesse Phillips

    Here's to you, Lindsey! A beautiful, thoughtful, friendly, smart, humble, godly woman!

  • Happy Birthday sis! I am so thankful you were born 34 years ago today. I can't imagine my life without you in it! Here's to celebrating God creating YOU. May today be a great celebration!

  • First, happy birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day!

    I generally do okay with birthdays. I’ve had a couple that threw me (25 and my most recent one, 36), but for the most part, I’m so grateful for another year that it’s hard for me to get too upset about aging. Plus, every year brings me closer to when my kids graduate and I get to spend some of that alone time with my husband that we missed when we were young! ;-D

    Seriously, have a great day!

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I'm blessed to spend this day with you [ya know… in a cyber way] 🙂
    My recent post mr lipman…

  • Jeffie

    I’m always amazed on my birthday at how old I am, lol. And then my second thought is Uh-oh, I’d better start acting like an adult now! It wears off in a couple of days though and I’m back to normal. I like doing things on my b’day, taking the kids somewhere, dinner with my husband. More memories, less clutter.

    Hope you have a great day though. It’s always nice to think about your personal ‘happy new year’ day.

  • Have a great birthday!

  • YAY Lindsey! Congratulations on 34! You are still a very young pup and I am proud to know you!
    My recent post Free Andy Andrews LIVE webcast on Wednesday 9-15 @ 2-00PM CST

    • Hey Lindsey! It's me again… I have no idea how the "My recent post" thing was added in my Happy Birthday above. It's probably something my office did…as you know, I am a technological imbecile. Sorry…and I hope it doesn't add again when I post THIS!

    • Thanks Andy!

  • Happy birthday, Lindsey! I hope 34 blows you away more than 33 did. 🙂

    My recent post People of the Easy Chance

  • Happy Birthday, Lindsey! Hope it is a day of feeling greatly loved and celebrated. Was just reading through some of your thoughts from the trip and also from Lisa-Jo. I want you both to know that I'll be sending the three Compassion kids we sponsor in Ethiopia a letter today! You are both an inspiration. Thanks so much for sharing about your trip.
    My recent post Where Are Our Angels Now

  • Kiersten Johnson

    Happy Birthday! My birthday was on the 12th. September birthdays are the best. Each year I look at the goals that I want to accomplish in the next year of my life!

  • happy bday, pretty exciting right.

    I get excited to turn another year older because I almost feel like until I hit the magical age of 30 I will always be to young or to inexperienced. But it also scares me because I feel like I am getting older and time is running out on doing things. Its a love hate relationship I guess.
    My recent post What are you afraid of

    • I feel like there has been some great advice for you folks (a Relevant article and a post by Brad Lomenick) in your 20s….wish I'd had that when I was there.

  • Ken

    What birthday thing??
    My recent post Next year never comes!

  • Kristina

    Have a fabulous 34th birthday! __I'll be 35 one month fron today. And same for me, just another day, another year. And reflecting back what 34 has taught me! Have a great year!!

  • kim

    Enjoy the day and the next 34 plus! Lovely CakeDay to you!

  • Happy birthday! I just turned 34 this year also and it seems I'm experiencing a mini-midlife crisis. Really taking some time to step back and evaluate where my life is.

    Sounds like you had a wonderful 33. I'm sure 34 will be equally rewarding.
    My recent post Manic Mondays- Tyranny of the Should’s

    • Eyvonne, I have been there. You should read Michael Hyatt's post from Monday about writing a eulogy. Staring with the end in mind has been really helpful for me.

  • Yay for 34!!! Happy birthday:)

    I celebrated 40 by having a big ole blowout (at the mexican restaurant, so how wild and crazy can you get)… another year wiser I say 🙂

    Hope you have a wonderful birthday!
    My recent post JustDon’tQuit- The Journey is Worth the Struggle of the Next Step

    • I had Mexican for my birthday too. What is a birthday without some chips and cheese dip?

  • jcatron

    I'm so blessed that I knew you the entire year of 33. I'm so thankful for you and eager to see what 34 brings!!
    My recent post I’m Just Wondering…

  • I turned 35 in July and have enjoyed (for the most part) every bit of it. Happy Birthday.

    My recent post I ♥ Compassion

  • scarletcordministries

    As of right now. I love it. I love birthdays. As I get older there are new opportunities to love and learn. However I am a little biased considering I am not even in my twenties yet.
    It seems like everyone freaks out about getting old and maybe one day I will too. But as for now I choose to learn and live it up because I am nice and young and don't have to worry about breaking a hip.
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  • Happy belated birthday! 🙂
    My recent post Community and Brokenness

  • Happy Birthday Lindsey and I must say I have enjoyed your view and perspective of this past year as I found your blog shortly after Catalyst last year. For me the birthday thing now has more to do with who I'm sharing it with than what we're doing or where we choose to celebrate. For years it seemed like each year had to top the last, but now just having those closest to me with me marks the moment. Maturing has played a role, reprioritizing my world due to circumstances has had a hand in it as well, but I think appreciating and understanding that each day is a gift (something I took for granted) is what has set the tone lately.

    All that being said, celebrate not only your BirthDay, or your BirthWeek, but the entire BirthMonth by filling September with incredible moments shared with family and friends!
    My recent post And the winner is……name this Contest

    • I plan to extend this celebration as long as I can 😉

  • I like the idea of celebrating what was accomplished the previous year. This last birthday (#30) was tougher than I thought it would be. The whole previous year I told everyone I was going to embrace 30. I was doing just fine until a month before my birthday when it. hit. me. I was turning 30! And I still haven't met Mr. RIght! And I still don't have the 4 children I thought I'd have by now! And I think I need a new job! And is this how 30 feels?

    Ultimately I got over the what ifs and what I thought my life would like by now. The birthday itself was just another day. Funnily enough, I still don't "feel" 30 and that leads me to think we never actually feel our age. We never feel as put together as we think we will by the time we reach a magical age. So I'm trying to just enjoy where I'm at, celebrate the little moments, and make the most of God's blessings in my life.
    My recent post Is God Enough

    • Oh, and I just noticed that Mary Kathryn mentioned her 33 Things list. She found the idea on my blog and I found the idea off of someone else's. My 31 Things list has been fun to work and, come January, I will definitely have much to celebrate! I think of it as my roadmap for the year.
      My recent post Is God Enough

      • Love that idea Leigh. I know all the feelings you talk about. I was saying last night I am really comfortable with getting older. My only anxiety comes from my singleness and my lack of kids but I am faithful that there is a plan and that is not for me to worry about! Or at least I try to be…

  • happy 34 friend. =)
    My recent post That Talk

  • Happy Birthday! Today was/is my sister's birthday too (she turned 29 🙂 ). I LOVE my birthday and most of the past 7 or so years, I have traveled to another State to celebrate with family/friends. This year I have foster kids who can't leave the State, so it will be much different celebrating at home. However, it will still be special. From your "tweets", it sounds like you had a great day! From this post, it sounds like you had a great year! I'm so thankful that I "happened" upon your blog (prior to yours, I mostly read "mom blogs" even though I wasn't yet a mom and now that I am a mom, I more regularly read blogs of single girls than moms…funny how that is!) If/when I travel to Nashville for a "Very Happy Unbirthday", I definitely want to look you up because you're tons of fun 🙂 Enjoy what's left of your big day. May 34 be an amazing year for you 🙂

    • It was a great day…you should definitely look me up when you are in these parts!

  • thegypsymama

    You live life generously and with boldness. You are beautiful and real – inside and out. Here's to 34 and the unwritten stories.
    My recent post Mama’s Boy

    • Thanks Lisa-Jo. It has been wonderful getting to know you this year!

  • Kingsly

    Belated Happy Bday Wishes…Just Saw Your Blog!!!…Let Your Joy Continue…

  • Wearing my beautiful new earrings this morning…feeling very full from my pie. You are a wonderful blessing to me. Holla!

  • That is no fun! Surely you have a lot to celebrate.

    • I do, I do….just was speaking in terms of it being a big event kinda deal. A friend of my wife and I has an entire birthday month!

  • Happy belated birthday, Lindsey. I'm not to the point where I dread birthdays…yet.

  • I'm late….but happy belated birthday! What a year you had! Blessings, Tiff
    My recent post Dans New Love

  • Amy

    This year, instead of focusing on how unhappy I was about another birthday, I chose to spend my energy on others. Ended up being one of the best birthdays I've ever had. And then I went back to continuing to "forget" how old I am 😉 Happy Birthday – I hope you had a fantastic day!

    My recent post Life imitating art

  • Teecy

    I just found your blog and I'm loving it! I'm about to turn 34- single, loving it but struggling through some of the same things you are.
    I also went to Catalyst and felt the same way after and was encouraged to hear someone else articulate it so well. Thanks!

    • Thanks Teecy! Sometimes it is nice to know that we are not the only ones feeling this way…